Temporarily Out of Service.   Posted by RPoL.Group: 0
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Thu 14 Jul 2005
at 16:51
Temporarily Out of Service
Those listed here are experiencing short-term site-wide restrictions.  Provided there are no further problems, they should be able to return to activity when their restriction is scheduled to end.
 GM, 9 posts
Thu 14 Jul 2005
at 16:59
Site Ban

Site-wide ban through 07 August 2005 due to a variety problems following site and forum rules and working around punishments.

Wanted-Players ban through 17 December 2005 due to multiple rule violations on several occasions.

Permanently-banned accounts created by the same user:
    Justice Unraveled

Update: 16 August
KhaosXTeam now has access to RPoL again.  His ban from Wanted-Players will last for its original term, through 17 December.

Update: 01 December
KhaosXTeam is permanently banned from RPoL due to continued workarounds of our rules, failure to follow moderator instructions, and directing UCE to RPoL email accounts.  Permanently banned accounts created by the same user:

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 GM, 13 posts
Fri 30 Sep 2005
at 22:14
Site Ban

Site ban through 14 October due to problems following moderator instructions and interacting respectfully with moderators.


Permanently banned:  Mavok
Created by KGodwin to work around the temporary site ban.

Temporary ban extended indefinitely due to workaround.

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 GM, 1 post
Sat 31 Dec 2005
at 08:16
Re: Site Ban

Site ban through 14 January due to inability to let sleeping dogs lie and accusations of bias and lying by a moderator.

Inability to follow simple rules and instructions.

elSpike out.

Update: 10 Jan 2006 by cruinne
Ban made permanent due to secondary account creation and continued problems.

Favorite quotes:
    "You may think there isn't any difference between applepie and appl3pie, but they are not the same, and if I can't trust moderatorsd to stick toi the EXACT truth in such minor things, how can I trust them at all?"

    (later) "LOL, It's pretty funny that you try to turn this into me being a liar. I will freely admit what I did or did not post,  […]  Yes, I posted appl3pie, if you say I posted appl3pie I won't deny it.  Unlike elspike, I am honest."

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 GM, 24 posts
Sun 1 Jan 2006
at 00:02
Site Ban

Site-wide ban through 31 March 2006 for violations of the RPoL Terms of Use including: visiting the Adult forums as a minor; running an Adult game; creating multiple accounts to work around site rules; and being uncooperative and ignoring moderator instructions.

Permanently banned accounts created by the same user:

Edit:  Account 'oaf' restored as of 01 April 2006.

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 GM, 38 posts
Thu 6 Jul 2006
at 12:49
Re: Site Ban

Site-wide ban until at least 20 July 2006 for problems including being a minor and attempting access adult materials, using multiple accounts, and lying to moderators.
 GM, 49 posts
Fri 6 Oct 2006
at 12:21
Site Ban

Banned until at least 05 December 2006 for rules violations including creating multiple accounts, GMing a game outside the adult forum in which adult content was permitted, and attempting to write adult content though a minor.

Update:  05 December 2006: Access restored.  jackable has access to RPoL again, but is not permitted to access adult content under any circumstances.

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