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DM Mike
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Thu 18 May 2006
at 05:20
RoA One-Shot Adventures - Active PCs
Post a description of your PC here.

The description should include physical characteristics that anyone observing your PC would see.  It should also include things like your PC's personality, habits, mannerisms, and so on.

Once posted, take 30 XPs for your effort.
Damion Forrester
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Thu 18 May 2006
at 06:53
Re: RoA One-Shot Adventures - Active PCs
A tall man with blonde hair and green eyes.  He is well built for a man of his size.  He wears intricately made breastplate under a worn traveling cloak and carries a large wooden shield.  He is well armed, carrying a spear, scimitar, morningstar and light crossbow, all of masterwork quality.  He keeps his long hear well brushed, long and straight.  He carries himself in a humble way, but is friendly and outgoing.
Kalmir Colbeysson
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Thu 18 May 2006
at 14:44
Re: RoA One-Shot Adventures - Active PCs
Kalmir hails from the north of Faerun. About as far north as you can go and still be in the realms. He stands at 6' 8" tall and weighs over 300lbs of muscle. He is very bulky and his muscles seem to be carved from rock. On his back he carries a well made Greataxe. This huge weapon is Kalmir's first line of defence. He also carries a greatclub hanging from his waist and a composite bow over his shoulder a quiver bristling with arrows hangs from his hip. Kalmir wears a chain shirt when in battle n ot wanting to be weiged down by anything heavier.

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DM Mike
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Thu 3 May 2007
at 23:35
Re: RoA One-Shot Adventures - Active PCs
Update this thread, please.

Once you update or add your post, take 50 XPs for the effort.
Authiel Hannasiel
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Fri 4 May 2007
at 04:20
Re: RoA One-Shot Adventures - Active PCs
Slim and petite, Authiel keeps her blonde hair about shoulder length, frequently tying it back to keep it from her sparkling green eyes.  Her mithril shirt is nearly always hidden beneath the simple peasant dresses she favors.  Authiel carries a bow and a very nice rapier, but the are used infrequently in favor of the magic that flares at the slightest provocation.
Damion Forrester
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Fri 4 May 2007
at 19:21
Re: RoA One-Shot Adventures - Active PCs
Damion is well built for a young man his size. He wears a finely crafted breast plate with the tree of Mielikki carved into the front. He has an array of arms for one not of the fighting profession. He carries a spear, morning start and a scimitar, which is his patrons favored weapon. He also carries a large wooden shield. He wears a pair of sturdy leather gauntlets with metal studs placed along the knuckles. Damion is quite friendly and always willing to help a friend or stranger alike.
Khidran Naleth
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Fri 4 May 2007
at 22:54
Re: RoA One-Shot Adventures - Active PCs
In front of you stand a sun elf of normal stature. Long golden locks runs down his face and behind them you see a set of friendly eyes. He speaks in a friendly soft melodic tone. He doesn’t seem to be wearing any armor, but the long sword by his right side, the warhammer hanging in a strap by his left side and the composite longbow strapped to his back says a lot.

Out from his backpack pokes a small curious face probably looking for food. Soe his thrusted weasel familiar.
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Fri 27 Jul 2007
at 11:08
Re: RoA One-Shot Adventures - Active PCs
Chepzur has an average build for a young adult human; dark brown hair as thick as a stallion's mane; and eyes the color of seaweed from Waterdeep's sea. He can be seen wearing a set of ordinary yet comfortable clothes underneath his armor made up of high quality studded leather, and he carries a sharp rapier on his side.

He is noticeably brash and confident and is quite quick on his feet; he's always a step ahead of the other person. For anyone to observe him for more than five minutes at any marketplace, he/she will notice Chepzur's eye's will occasionally dart from one lady to the next.