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Tue 6 Feb 2007
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Winter in Waterdeep - The Rusty Nail Inn and Tavern
Winter snows come fast this year, catching many travellers by surprise.  Most inns are either booked solid for the season or have closed, awaiting fairer weather and the summer trade travellers who bring in the bulk of their business.

You manage to find a somewhat rundown little place call The Rusty Nail, nestled in the dock district between a fishmonger's shop and a drygoods shop.

Prices are a bit steep for so low-quality a place, but the demand is high, driving prices up.

The owner of The Rusty Nail is a sour woman named Prudence Colarn.  If she ever smiled, you think her face would crack. Anger and resentment seem to fuel Prudence.  You have seen her bitterly talk in harsh but hushed tones to several robed men of late.

Prudence Colarn:

Prudence's brother Arjun helps run the inn and makes sure the few fights that break out in the comnon room don't get too far out of hand.  It is clear he has some fighting skill.  It is odd that the robed men show up only when Arjun is not in.

Arjun Colarn:

A tipsy dwarf named Orgruth Ironteeth makes his home in the inn.  He has travelled far and wide and has many tales to tell and will do so at the offer of a stout drink.  It is rumored come spring Orgruth is off on an adventure into Mount Sar to the north of the city.  It is also rumored Orgruth is a Harper agent and his drunkeness is only an act.

Orgruth Ironteeth:

Rounding out the inn's more noteworthy residents is a tall imperious-looking woman named simply "The red lady" for here hair is red like flames and she is seen only in red dresses.  Her voice is soft and her manners mark her as a noble.  So what is she doing in a dive like this?

Some say she is a spellcaster of great power, others say a courtesean in hiding.

The Red Lady:

A bard comes in now and then to earn some coin.  He is more a tale-weaver than a singer, but he has been known to sing well enough to help pass a cold night.  His name is Falconer Baran. His accent tells you he is from Calimshan, though his skill is a bit pale for one from so far south.

Falconer Baran: 
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Tue 6 Feb 2007
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Re: Winter in Waterdeep - The Rusty Nail Inn and Tavern
Food is plain as are the drinks.  There are some dusty bottles in the back of the bar, but no one has ever asked for them, so it is unclear what may be in them.

Prices are too high for the fare, but you don't have much choice, as these are the only digs to be found now that snows have come to the city.

The dry goods shop and rare merchant who comes in from the cold offer basic goods for sale at fair prices.  (Any item in the Player's Handbook short of heavy armor or exotic weapons is available at listed prices.)

Rooms cost a gold a day or 8 gold a 10 day.  Prudence has a waiting list, and is all-too-ready to make room for fresh tenants if any get out of hand.  The price of the room includes use of the common room, privies, wash water, and a basic breakfast of bread, eggs, and various meats with goat milk.
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Tue 6 Feb 2007
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Re: Winter in Waterdeep - The Rusty Nail Inn and Tavern
The Thayvian was quick to take up space in the Inn, and had booked himself for two tendays in advance.  He paid an additional two coins, as a not so odd request for privacy in his room, making it an even twenty gold pieces.

Once able to rest, Rjak spent less time in his armor, but always, rain or shine, twice a day he'd wear it to stay in peak condition.  As guessed, Rjak was a bear of a man.  He had a big beard that he kept neatly braided.  He tended to be quiet, and spent a lot of time to himself.

Currently he was writing while waiting on his morning food.
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Tue 6 Feb 2007
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Re: Winter in Waterdeep - The Rusty Nail Inn and Tavern
Damion was a bit uncomfortable in the inn setting, he liked to be out in the wilderness where he could be closer to his mistress but the weather had turned quite foul so he chose to stay indoors for now. He too paid for a tenday, most of which he will spend in silent prayer in his room or offering his services to any that needed the healing arts. He did not request payment for his troubles but did not refuse if one decided to donate.

For a good portion of his time in the inn he did not wear his armor or weapons, but he did dress in loose fitting earth-toned clothing, his wooden holy symbol was always out for all to see.