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RoA One-Shot Adventures ARPs
Here are Adventure Reply Posts (ARPs) that highlight the next adventure I can offer to run for the RoA One-Shot Adventure region.

The idea behind the One-Shot adventure is that is can be wrapped up fairly quickly (well, as "quickly" as play-by-post games can be) and there is no real interconnectedness between the adventures.

This region is less about the overall campaign and more about fun adventures.

You are free to continue to play in this region or move on to other regions.

Likewise you are welcome to continue to play your current PC in this region or to create a new one for the next adventure.

If you decide to leave the region, please let us know both IC (RPing your PC's departure) and in the OOC thread, too.

Getting from point A to point B between adventures and activites between adventures is glossed over in favor of getting the next adventure up and running in as little time as possible.

Please let me know here want adventure appeals to you most, then second-most.  The adventure that gets the most first place votes wins.  In cases of ties, the adventure that got the most overall votes wins.


Ratings: Listed in each path are the types of encounters players can expect in each adventure-- C =Combat, PS/L =Problem-solving, and Logic, R =Roleplaying/Interaction with other PCs and NPCs.  NOTE that each adventure features all 3 areas, just in differing degrees, the most prevalent are first, followed by next, and last is least for that adventure.

More adventures will be added once these are played out or once players express interest in certain types of adventures.

For ALL of the listed adventures, the following conditions exist:

Character Levels: 3rd to 5th

Posting Requirements: About 2-3 times per week.

Special Notes:.  A good mix of PC classes would do best.

1.) Title: Caravan Guards

Spring is here and caravans are heading out of Waterdeep to go up into The North toward Silverymoon and south down the Sword Coast.  Any number of carvans are hiring adventurers to guard their goods, and you're bound to find a good deal of action and decent payment for a few 10 days' worth of travel and work.

Rumors fly, as always, about what threats may await caravans and travellers.  The ones you have heard most are:

To the north, there are all manner of cold-loving creatures, since the winter was so long and harsh.  The snows have been slow to melt north of Waterdeep and it is rumored a frost giant shaman has found some way to increase cold and hold off heat.  He has many minions to help him in his evil quest to keep the lands of Man in the North in wintery conditions.

To the south, wererats have infiltrated many of the villages and towns north of Amn.  No one is safe, and few are trusted.  And these were-creatures are moving north, disguised as normal men and half-elves, to infiltrate caravans and trade consortiums.

Game Skills Rating: C, L/PS, RP

Locations: Your choice - north out of the city to end up in the Silver Marches or south to end up in Amn.


2.) Title: Heirloom

A noble son of Waterdeep would like to hire a discreet band of adventurers to enter the City of the Dead and retrieve a family heirloom from his ancestorís tomb. Rumor has it that tomb is haunted and riddled with traps.

The fact that he wants to remain anonymous is also suspect...

Game Skills Rating: L/PS, C, RP

Locations: Waterdeep, City of the Dead.


3.) Title: New Dawn

Priests of Lathander have come to Waterdeep to recruit adventurers and warriors for "lasting hire" of two seasons or more. The task -- to guard workers as a planned temple and farming community, New Dawn, is built in the wild countryside northwest of Secomber. The chosen site is in what local shepherds and drovers call the Hindhorn Hills, a rolling area of scrub woodlands, small cliffs, and deep ravines shown on few maps -- an area rich in deer, hares, and hawks but plagued by roaming packs of wolves and armed bands of gnolls and orcs.

This scheme is no doubt inspired by the success of Goldenfields, but Voice of the New Dawn Harammas Malark describes its advent as "visions streaming into our minds straight from the Divine Morninglord himself." These visions revealed to priest after priest the locale and structure of the temple-farm as if it were a real place. "It took me, at least, some time," the spokespriest admitted, "to realize that our task was to make it real. For some months, we all thought we were being shown a farm that already existed as we were seeing it and that our duty was to find it."

You are to travel to the lands northwest of Secomber, guard the priests and those who they have hired to help built their temple-farm, and stand guard as the temple complex is being built.  Once built, other followers of Lathander will come to staff the temple and fend of any lingering threats.

Rumor has it that the orcs, gnolls, and animals around Secomber will not be the only threat you may face.  Forces loyal to Shar have been seen in the area and may have similar plans for one of the deep revines there.

Game Skills Rating: C, L/PS, RP

Locations: Mainly the wilds around New Dawn, near Secomber.


4.) Title: Rescue and Escape!

Caralee Mistletoe, a halfling bard of some renoun, offers you a rather unique job offer: pose as criminals to get thrown into a prison outside the city near The Rat Hills.  Once there you will be given some tools and weapons - whatever she can manage to get to you - and you are to rescue her brother, the travelling "procurer" of items, Randee Mistletoe.

Yes, he has done some slightly illegal things in his past, but which adventurer hasn't?  And his crime (stealing some silverware owned by a powerful merchant's wife - some say he was stealing her heart, as well) is mimor enough that he should be housed in a prison in Waterdeep.  Why, then, is he in such a rancid place as The Rat Hills Warrens, one of the worst prisions on the Sword Coast?

Get it, get out with Randee.  Simple as that.

The pay? 1,250 golds each.

Game Skills Rating: L/PS, C, RP.

Locations: The Rat Hills Warrens prison, south of Waterdeep.


5.) Title: The Cloaked Ones

As winter wears on in Waterdeep, cloaked beings of many races walk the streets, some leaving no trace as they pass.

Businesses that stay open, such as inns, taverns, and festalls, have been threatened by these dark figures.  In menacing tones, the cloaked ones demand payment for protection.  The cose for not paying?  At first, minor destruction, a mere demonstration of what is to come.

Next, harm or murder among the staff.

Finally, destruction of the business.

With the city guard and watch stretched thin with caring for the city as snows pile high and cold-loving monsters threatining the city gates, the cloaked ones have so far gone unstopped.

Game Skills Rating: An even mix of L/PS, C, RP.

Locations: Watedeep's docks, trades, and castle wards.

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Sun 29 Apr 2007
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New Dawn
A stout man wearing robes marking him as a worshipper of The Morning Lord, Lathader, strides into the inn, sniffs, and looks around.

Spotting you, he nods and comes over to the table.

Well met, and I trust the sun has blessed you with its rays this fine morn.

Brother Peiter:   

I am brother Peiter of the church of Lathander.  I seek those in need of employment who have skills at battle and who are not adverse to leaving the confines of Waterdeep for two seasons or so.

Pay is fair, and all food is given to you freely.  We may even be able to supply basic equipment, as needed, for the trip.  Mounts are also paid for by us, and you will be allowed to keep them, once your tenure with us is completed.

Of course, there will be several tests to make sure you are of the right heart and have the required skills for our mission.

If I can sit and explain my offer further...?

He indicated a chair, hoping you will let him sit near you.


OOC: This leads to the adventure "New Dawn" from the ARPs.

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The Cloaked Ones
Prudence Colarn, the owner of The Rusty Nail, comes over with fresh drinks and points to a small man limping down the street outside her inn.

Prudence Colarn:

See old Rejin there?  He owns a little place, danker than this hole, if you can believe it.

Those cloaked ones, they came to him about a ten day ago.  His son, a real big guy like Kalmir here, he threw them out on their ears after they tried to get Rejin to buy "protection service".

Two nights later his son has missing a leg and Rejin almost lost one, too.

Now he sure pays protection money.

If not for you folks...

She shrugs and returns to the bar.


OOC:  This leads to "The Cloaked Ones" ARP.
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Sun 29 Apr 2007
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Rescue and Escape!
Late in the afternoon, a slender halfling woman with black hair and a lute strapped to her back enters the inn.

She goes to the bar and has a few words with Constance.

Then she heads toward a large table in the middle of the inn and leaps atop it.

She takes her lute off, taps her feet, and sings a raucous song about a pirate, a priest, and a pickle shared between them.

Caralee Mistletoe:

When she finishes, she bows and shakes her hair.

Now that I have your attention, fine sirs and finer ladies, let me introduce myself.  I am called "pest" by some, "honey" by a select few others, but most know me as Caralee Mistletloe formally of Baldur's Gate, now of Waterdeep the last 6 years.

I am in need of some able-bodied mercanaries, and any who think they fit that bill can step up and claim an ale on me.


OOC:  This leads to the ARP "Rescue and Escape!"
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Sun 29 Apr 2007
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An older man clad in a fur-lined cloak with the bearing of nobility enters the inn and looks around, disdain on his face.  Four beefy bodyguards stand at the door, hands on the hilts of their short swords.

The man is about to leave when he spots you.

Taking you in with his pale blue eyes, he eventually shrugs and comes over to your table.


Urm...I...I am afraid I'm not sure I...

Well, I've never done this sort of thing before...

You see, I am in need of a band of adventurers.  Trite sounding, I know.

But you see, I have a slight...well, a personal problem I would like taken care of as soon as possible, and as quietly as possible.

Can we...can we go somewhere more private to discuss matters?


OOC: This leads to the ARP "Heirloom".

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Caravan Guards
You stay in the inn for what feels like months (time flies...) and once spring finally comes, so too come the caravan masters looking for riders to guard their wares and wagons as they trek north and south from the city.

Two in particular catch your attention.

One is a foul-mouthed dwarf with a braided beard and rings on every one of his stubby fingers.

He is Dalgrum Arncast and he is heading south into Amn and is looking to hire a team, giving free mounts and supplies to those who sign up.  He is hauling metalwares and basic goods to the war-torn land.

Dalgrum Arncast:

The other is a more refined (though that says little) human of middle years who is heading north to Silverymoon.  Accompanying him into the inn is his second-in-command, a wizard of imperious bearing.

The caravan master is called Erik and he wizard is named Rendell.

While they do not offer to let you keep the horses you will ride on their trip, the do offer to put you up for a ten day after the trip in a fine inn in Silverymoon and the items they are hauling - woods, spices, and dried fish - are of less interest to thieves and raiders than those hauled by Dalgrum.




OOC: This leads to the ARP "Caravan Guards".

You pick which caravan to travel with.