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 "Hugs for the Hugs God!"
 - Warhammer Fluffy-K
Wed 22 Jul 2015
at 15:08
The realization that for the first time, your baby slept 8 hours straight...
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Sat 25 Jul 2015
at 23:08
Re: Sleeeeeeep
In reply to praguepride (msg # 609):

I find a weird sense of amusement reading the archived ooc threads of locked games.
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Tue 28 Jul 2015
at 21:50
Re: Sleeeeeeep
I really like my new dentist. My Old Dentist removed a permanent retainer, but told me that he couldn't remove the bonds cementing them in place. So there were these rough lumps on the backside of my teeth. New Dentist saw them and said "No problem" and ground them off with a dremel. No harm done.
Evil Empryss
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Mon 3 Aug 2015
at 00:49
Powering Up for a Long Flight
Finding a charging point open in the airport... and an empty chair right beside it.  Traveling win!
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Tue 4 Aug 2015
at 02:15
Re: Powering Up for a Long Flight
We were lucky!  Very bad storm here last night, probably a tornado just a few miles east, but all we had was a few twigs and already dead small branches down, the gazebo moved over a few feet and the very tall tomato plants were almost flat but still rooted.  Thanks, kids who own the house for having branches removed from the trees in the back, and one tree entirely removed from the front!  There are places nearby where there is still no power, where very large trees were totally uprooted (sometimes on top of vehicles), where buildings were at least partially destroyed but we are good.  Thank you, God, and I pray for those more unfortunate.
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Tue 4 Aug 2015
at 20:14
Sweet victory
ME:                  1
NYC Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau:  0

Feeling like powerful attorney, despite not actually doing much to accomplish that.
But happy anyway.
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Tue 4 Aug 2015
at 21:55
Re: Sweet victory
In reply to Eur512 (msg # 614):

Well, can't you share more of the story?  That's just a teaser!
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Tue 4 Aug 2015
at 22:10
Re: Sweet victory
Like I said I didn't really do much.  I had this whole line of logic prepared to fight a $138 ticket  (for the honor and rightness of my cause more than the money!) but the Judge found it and pursued it first.

Very smart woman.  After the officer described the situation, which involved a school bus, and then very officially testified that he had an unobstructed 360 degree field of view, the judge realized the same thing I did- not unobstructed, not with a BUS in the way!  So she asked him exactly where HE was, and he started to hem and haw and couldn't recall.  Of course he couldn't recall- he was on the far side of the bus.  That was the point I was going to make, but she figured it out immediately.

And I had taken pictures of the scene.  So she declared, "Not Guilty".  I didn't have to say a word.
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Wed 5 Aug 2015
at 09:49
Re: Sweet victory
In reply to Eur512 (msg # 616):

Evil Empryss
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 is half the battle!
Tue 25 Aug 2015
at 15:18
Re: Mind. Blown.
Impressive: My 16 year-old daughter starts college next week.

Epic: My 13 year-old son skipped up from 7th to 9th grade today and is also starting college next week.

I better train in zombie killing, 'cuz with the brains in this family we'd be in a world of trouble if the zombie apocalypse started!
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Fri 28 Aug 2015
at 01:00
Simplicity & Bliss
After a recent hiccup in health of a family member and myself I can now safely say things have returned to normal. A lot has been lost and yet gained. My work started to ease off with the night shifts and has now agreed to sign a contract with only daylight hours, this is such a huge relief for me and lifts stress off my shoulders by bounds.

I've also been accepted into a new job for next year. Training starts next year also but it's something to look forward to and something to bring more positive vibes into my life.

Plus side I've had such big support from my friends here on this site and even though it goes quiet sometimes I've finally found a place I can fill my spare time in. The simple things in life can be overlooked and I had done this every day whilst being under stress. But now that's gone I've found the simplicity and bliss this site gives me, that and the new paths opened up for me in the future.

Soppy moment over. But it needed to be said.
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Fri 28 Aug 2015
at 01:29
Simplicity & Bliss
In reply to Little_Devil (msg # 619):

Little Devil I can't recall we have ever interacted with one another.  Having said that your positive upbeat attitude is refreshing.

I wish you well.


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Wed 9 Sep 2015
at 00:43
To my excellent landlady
I've rented a room for nearly two years. The time came for me to move on to another worksite. I thought that I'd have to move on at least three months ago, but there was an emergency at home I had to take care off. She was so flexible with my schedule changes. When my transfer came through, I kept her updated and tomorrow is my move-out date.

Just a moment ago, I told her that I'd be leaving between 9:30 and 10am and I asked her if she'd like me to leave the key in her office or in the mail slot. I almost always slipped the rent through the mail slot, but sometimes, she'd ask me to drop it in her office with a note. She started to cry and told me that she was really going to miss me and if I ever came this way again, I was welcome to stay.

I had a sewing table and chair posted on Craigslist. They're darling, but I can't bring them along. She's so sweet, she bought them off me for more than my asking price. We were both in the hallway crying.
Evil Empryss
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Fri 11 Sep 2015
at 03:15
To my excellent landlady
The personalized plate I want for the car I'm going to rebuild is available in my state.  Sweet!
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Mon 14 Sep 2015
at 23:24
Noises at my window.
Whilst mostly.. I'd be very scared at anything knocking on my window.

Right now I can hear the tiny patter of my cats paws on the window to say she's had enough of the cold and wants in, I don't know why but it amuses me.

Brb: letting the cat in.
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Fri 25 Sep 2015
at 15:41
More Good Stuff
Woooooooooooo!!! Just got a donor to donate their papers to my library along with a nice cash gift!!!!
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Thu 15 Oct 2015
at 11:33
More Good Stuff
After more than a decade of being a stay at home mom, I finally found a job a couple weeks ago.  I just got my first paycheck this morning, feeling good now.  :)
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Fri 16 Oct 2015
at 06:22
More Good Stuff
It's really hard to convince the Powers That Be at work to buy new equipment when one of our sewing machines kinda crapped out on us, I had a hard time talking myself into putting up the fight to get it fixed or replaced.  My assistant had her mom's sewing machine--an older Bernina--that she brought in so we'd have enough machines to keep everyone busy, and it has become our favorite machine (a lot of the older machines were just better built...the new ones are nice, if you can afford to go high-end and want all the bells and whistles...but we just need something reliable that does the basics...)

So, I've been prowling thrift stores, looking for machines.  I tried a Singer that someone gave me, originally...but something broke on it before I even got a chance to really use it.  Tried another old thrift store machine, which kind of worked, but the tension springs on it were kind of messed up so threading it was a pain.  Picked up a cheap Elna machine that's almost identical to the one that broke on us in the first place...and it's not bad.  It's just not particularly good, either...

These have all been tried over the past couple of years.  I'd basically given up on it...and then, a couple of days ago, I found another one.  An older White...from back when they made all-metal bodies for the machines.  Only has about six or seven different stitch options, which is about three more than we typically use.  And it was only $ I decided to gamble on it.

Last night, I was frustrated.  The gamble wasn't paying off, something was messed up and it was tangling the thread in the bobbin.  Poked around online, saw a lot of forum threads talking about that problem or similar ones and a lot of suggestions for what to do...but nobody coming back to the forum to say, "So, this is what I did and it fixed the problem!"  At $15, I didn't want to put the money into paying someone to take a look at it, especially if it was something I could fix myself (and I am at least moderately mechanically inclined, so...)

Went to work today with thoughts of trying to reset the timing on it...which could be a really arduous process, since all I had were descriptions of machines that weren't even made by the same company to use as guides.  But in the process of trying to determine what needed to be tweaked which way for the timing adjustment, I discovered a much simpler solution...adjusting the needle height.  Loosen one screw, slide a metal bar a fraction of an inch, and tighten the screw again...and, suddenly, the thing has gone from not even being able to put three stitches together to sewing beautiful, even stitches.

Today, I felt like a genius.  *grin*
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Fri 16 Oct 2015
at 19:38
More Good Stuff
Im working the Motley Crue concert Sunday night ^_^
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Thu 29 Oct 2015
at 21:22
More Good Stuff
I love the intertube. It allows me to argue with people who think themselves morally or intellectually superior.
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Sat 31 Oct 2015
at 02:50
More Good Stuff
There is a magnificent lightning storm tonight!
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Sat 31 Oct 2015
at 03:13
More Good Stuff
Was frustrated about work, then remembered that I am still the guy who took the time to fix a vital machine and thus save the store a lot of vital revenue.  That combined with other things has me feeling much better today.  And, Halloween is tomorrow!  Good times!
Evil Empryss
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 Because knowing
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Sun 15 Nov 2015
at 05:27
More Good Stuff
A friend took me to her company's holiday party because her husband refused to get dressed up.

I won the iPad Air 3 door prize.

I can't wait to hear how papaya'd he is that he lost out on that!
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Tue 24 Nov 2015
at 04:19
More Good Stuff
I heard a song I've been searching for, for the past two decades. It's such serendipity I'd find it and then have it mirror the love I have in great friendship. I think if ever I was to marry someone, it would be to my greatest friend. Fortunately I don't have to marry her for her to be my friend, and she doesn't have to be my wife for me to say I love her.

Suicide loomed like a waste stuck in the toilet bowl that just wouldn't be rid of. Only be distancing myself from such a toxic environment could I smell the scent of flowers, feel the touch of a kind hug, and and hear the music that makes you glad to be alive.

It is a hard time right now, a defining milestone that I will never have to again face. I am giving thanks for my great friend, Anne, and a song to remind me of why we became friends. I'm eating some nice food (I'm not fat but I am a foodie. Food is so lovely as an adult and not struggling with trauma). Then I'm exchanging gifts with her and a couple other close friends.

The reason why holidays were once holy days is evident to me. I feel closer to goodness and grace. I feel more at home than I ever have in my life. I know I can't afford to by a house, but I can rent it. I also "...know you can't buy love, but now I know you can rent it".

The song I heard is a bit acoustically dated, but I think the majority of RPOL veterans on here will find it "new pop" compared to the "classics". To me I heard it once when I was young. I looked all over for years trying to find it, I knew the artist but never could find the exact song. Years passed and words passed to rhythm, and as the youth turned to adulthood it was merely a wisp in memory. Now with a clever stroke of luck, I find this song. Not the best by most standards, but in my heart of hearts, it's a great find, at least for me. Something Happened on my Way to Heaven by Phil Collins

Mental illness hurts those that love us. Love means never having to say you're sorry, but I am, to have missed something so great for so long and only upon a dark hour when turning to face the setting sun did I lament the star that was brightest in days gone by. We all rest when we've had enough of the day, I'm glad that day isn't over. I'm glad that I don't have to be sorry, but even more glad that I don't have to lose something to fully appreciate it.
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Wed 25 Nov 2015
at 13:38
More Good Stuff
Frustration:  Being one of only two programmers at work and not really being a programmer.

Happiness: Realizing that I am one of only two programmers at work and they put me in the position even though I'm not actually a programmer.