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Thu 21 Jun 2012
at 13:04
More good stuff.
Time to start a shiny new thread...
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Thu 21 Jun 2012
at 20:17
Re: More good stuff.

We've got a new anti-vent thread!  Woohoo! \o/

shady joker
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Fri 22 Jun 2012
at 01:31
Re: More good stuff.
I won my disability case. I now can move into my own place.
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Fri 22 Jun 2012
at 01:36
Re: More good stuff.
shady joker:
I won my disability case. I now can move into my own place.

Alexei Yaruk-Mundhenk
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Fri 22 Jun 2012
at 02:12
Re: More good stuff.
In reply to shady joker (msg # 3):

Mue Buena! (that is kinda like 'very awsome' in spanish, I think...)
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 He's big, he's bad,
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Sun 24 Jun 2012
at 11:31
Re: More good stuff.
While I was eating lunch today the solution to the vexing problem of how to bring about world peace simply popped, unbidden, into my thoughts.  And it's really easy.

Pizza.  With a fish and chips topping.

It would simply put everybody in far too good a mood to fight each other.
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Sun 24 Jun 2012
at 18:02
Re: More good stuff.
In reply to bigbadron (msg # 6):
If I ate pizza with a fish n' chips topping, I'll admit that I'd be too horrified and disgusted to even consider taking over the world as an evil overlord.

Still, There's nothing like a good joke and memorable food to bring us all together.

On another note: I've had some good news in a series of medical tests.
Well, "nothing bad found" more than anything, but I'll take that.
I've got a somewhat tedious and stressful job, but I'm grateful that I've got one, especially one with medical coverage, when so many people don't.
I've got a bit of "survivor's guilt" but I'm able to stay healthy for my family.
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Sun 24 Jun 2012
at 19:01
Re: More good stuff.
In reply to bigbadron (msg # 6):

I think the real question would be what cheese to use?

On the bright side, the temperature is so high I get to wash all the heavy bedclothes and hang them on the line to save money (no need to run the dryer).
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 This endless fight.
Mon 25 Jun 2012
at 00:46
Re: More good stuff.
Was given Orange Gum to chew on.... It made my tongue swell.

As compensation, I was given a box of delicious cookies. <3
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Mon 25 Jun 2012
at 03:43
Re: More good stuff.
Corrupt Bluray discs.  Almost lost nearly 180 Gigs of image data representing a huge portion of the images I've shot over the past couple of years.  Granted, it's a redundant backup, but the primary backup is off-site and difficult to access right now.

Then I discovered CD Roller.

More than 98% reocvery-rate.

Bloody awesome software.
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Mon 25 Jun 2012
at 13:22
Re: More good stuff.
After reading the wedding stuff on the vent thread: I am happy that for weddings, I only need the same suit I can fit in.
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Mon 25 Jun 2012
at 15:53
Re: More good stuff.
In reply to Wyrm (msg # 11):

That's what I'm leaving for today:  My brother-in-law's wedding, out of state.

I'm happy that he's found a great woman who loves him and puts up with him.
(granted, he was SUPPOSED to be having the wedding in Hawaii, but then moved it to Alaska, but I'm not bitter or anything.....This is about him, not me....)
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Mon 25 Jun 2012
at 17:19
Re: More good stuff.
Yay instead of November a therapy slot opened for me as of tomorrow. Finally i can start on getting back to work and drag my mind out of the gutter.
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 attack in all directions.
Mon 25 Jun 2012
at 17:50
Re: More good stuff.
I have a million reasons to lament, but the weather is too good for me to chose any of them.
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Wed 27 Jun 2012
at 02:08
Re: More good stuff.
Just came from a staff meeting, all of a sudden I have a lot more shifts at work.  Money!  I just hope I'm up to it physically, at least I got the change I asked for, originally they had us working five shifts one week, only two the next, now it's more even.
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Thu 28 Jun 2012
at 01:49
Re: More good stuff.
<Anti-Vent> I think I'm gonna hop back on and join a game on RPoL again. For the first time in years :D Or, well, I think it's been years.

Time to go through the fun process of finding a game and character creation. I've missed this ^_^</Anti-Vent>
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Fri 29 Jun 2012
at 18:12
Re: More good stuff.

RPOL has a wonderful staff and I am extremely greatful for all the hard work, and the personal time, that everyone puts in to the site.  I joined when the site was at the start of its evolution ... when there were no 'changeable' backgrounds, there were no portraits, there wasn't a week that went by when some 'well meaning' individual didn't question policy regarding mature/adult content and the location of the games that held it, etc., and all the new users were asking for these things or the reforms.  jase and elSpike worked almost tirelessly on coding and design, and cruinne, Shannara, & Jhael worked tirelessly with them to keep the public forums running smoothly, set up and regulate the Adult games (there was a mass explosion of those), and get the portrait gallery going and organized.  And all of them did it without pay (meaning they were doing something else in addition to this site to support themselves) and while still trying to enjoy the games that they ran and played in that were the reason that jase and elSpike created the site to begin with.  As it appears that the only money the site receives is (for now) donations, I must assume that their time and hard work (and bigbadron's) is still given freely while they continue to support themselves and enjoy their games.

Very, very rarely did/have I ever see/read a harsh post from any of them ... and honestly, there were/are many times when they would have been/are well within their right for the way they were addressed or the context of the post they were replying to.  All I've ever seen them request from users is that we keep public forums clean and free of sensitive topics, that we be honest with them and the gaming community by posting under one user account, and that we report genuine breaches of the TOU (which have always been clear, concise, and readily available to anyone who chooses to read them.)  We're all extremely lucky for their love of gaming and commitment to creating & maintaining a site that is so easily traversed,that attracts good gms and players, that provides so many options, and we're lucky for their patience and good will.

In truth, the only complaint I can find with the site is that from time to time a user forgets how much the RPOL Creators & Moderators have done and continue to do in exchange for following a few simple rules.
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Sun 1 Jul 2012
at 00:50
Re: More good stuff.
Hear Hear! Agree with wyldchild 100% ^_^

So many good things today. OOhh--the comic book anthology I contributed to is on sale now, but have yet to receive my copy. Still--finally! I'm published. Just have to get crackin' on the next thing so I don't lose me steam.
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Sun 1 Jul 2012
at 00:55
Re: More good stuff.
I have discovered that organization makes a huge difference. I've always been a by the seat of your pants kind of guy but I've made a concentrated effort to organize my day to actually make some progress towards my goals and it's working. My games are starting to pick up, my eating and sleeping habits are improving, and I have a chapter of a rough draft novel written.

And that's based off using 2 and a half hours of the 16 hours I'm awake every day. Who knew that I had that much time on my hands? It's kind of an eye opener.
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Sun 1 Jul 2012
at 10:19
Re: More good stuff.
I decided to preorder Funcom's The Secret World (was kind of leery after Age of Conan but it looked too good to pass on). Yesterday I did my first dungeon with my guild. Despite only having been a member of the guild for a few hours everyone was really friendly, my tanking went awesome (which was a relief - I'm not good with dungeons generally) and the dungeon itself was so much fun. It made me realize that I haven't had a lot of fun in MMO's lately. I think I'm in love <3

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Sun 1 Jul 2012
at 11:46
Re: More good stuff.
Made a few new friends, and found out that a shop not too far from me has a monthly sale of manga. A blind bag of 10 volumes for 5 just made my eyes water with anticipation...
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Sun 1 Jul 2012
at 12:18
Re: More good stuff.
Who'd have thought it.  I never got into MMO's.  Tried some, but was sort of, "meh".

Now, suddenly, I'm having so much fun in DC Universe Online that I've actually paid for a subscroption.  Shocking!  :)
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Mon 2 Jul 2012
at 07:44
Re: More good stuff.
So, I got one of the more unusual compliments that I can recall yesterday...

I was working as part of the entertainment at a corporate event, at an Old West photo booth they set up (we had an assortment of costumes...we'd dress people up, put them on a set, and shoot pics of them for 10-15 minutes, then burn them a cd with all the pictures, including several that were color-changed to B&W or sepia-toned)...

Late in the day, after a VERY long and hot time, some of the kids at the event had finally stumbled across us, and to their great delight, discovered that we had guns (most of them were props, and the ones that weren't, were not little kid was really annoyed that there weren't any guns that he could actually fire, there, but after seeing the way he handled the ones that WERE real, even though they were unloaded, you couldn't have paid me money to put a loaded gun in that kid's hands...someone would have been killed, I'm sure).  Different kid, however, was in there, at least had the good grace to restrict his horsing around to the prop guns.  At one point, he was talking with a lady outside and thought he'd convinced her to take a bunch of pictures of him in just his normal clothes, with one or two of the guns (which he kept holding 'gangsta-style', even after I explained to him the reason why doing that would actually increase your odds of completely missing your target...)  She, apparently, had a completely different take on what the conversation was about, because he came into the booth to borrow a couple of the pistols and then when he was walking back out the front, she'd turned and walked off.  He pointed one of the pistols (toys...realistic size and color, but with the big orange plug on the barrel) after her and I commented, "You know, pointing a gun--even a toy--at someone who was just talking with you is a great way to screw up a first impression."

He shrugged, and said, "But I already made my first impression with her...we've known each other for a while."

Trying very hard not to roll my eyes, or give into my impulse to reach over and smack him in the head, I explained, "Maybe so, but everyone else that sees you doing it probably doesn't think much of're screwing up your first impression with them."

Very much to his credit, the kid thought for a couple of seconds, and then said, "You're trying to tell me to stop playing with the guns, aren't you?"  I grinned and said, "Well, that's part of what I'm trying to tell you, yeah..."

He walked back over to the table, put the guns down, started to walk out, and paused and looked at me.  "You know, you're a real good peacemaker. I should get your email address so I can get ahold of you next time my sister and I are tryin' to kill each other..."

I've been told I'm good at settling arguments before...but never had it phrased quite that way...