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Mon 2 Jul 2012
at 03:58
GMs: Organising your shizzle
So I've been researching online and offline tools to support creative writing - looking for a comprehensive (chars, plots, locations, timeline) solution with support for collaboration.

Initially I've been using ye Olde MediaWiki with a fellow RPOLian to piece together some ideas / campaigns... but I know there must be something else out there more suited to the task!

Please share with us any tools you have tried out, or have heard of.

Of the products and websites listed below, neither the staff of RPOL.NET or the authors endorse or recommend any products. The purpose of this list is to provide a starting point for your own research.

Pros - Easy to use, easy to maintain, very collaborative, very organic
Cons - too much of a blank canvas, users need to develop their own system of authoring: ie character templates, location templates, encounter templates etc.
Pros - clean + streamlined interface
Cons - free edition functionality is quite stripped back, doesn't offer enough pre-defined structure (re: characters/plot/setting)

Storybook - (I haven't fully tested this one yet)
Pros - Looks rather comprehensive
Cons - Offline only, unsure of import/export or collaboration
++ I have installed this at home, and I'm looking forward to playing with it. Might be good for solo-GM. Though I'm looking for a solution for co-GMing.

StoryMill - Mac only: has anyone used this?
Pros - Looks rather comprehensive
Cons - No free/basic version
++ I have not been able to test this. I'm a Windows-kid.

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Mon 2 Jul 2012
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Re: GMs: Organising your shizzle

This is the program I use to write my novels, and that several of my colleagues use. It comes highly recommended, and while it is not exactly cheap, it is second to none as a tool for organizing every aspect of a piece of creative textual work.
Metal Fatigue
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Mon 2 Jul 2012
at 13:25
Re: GMs: Organising your shizzle
I second the recommendation of Scrivener. Like TheWarriorPoet519, I use it to organize both writing and gaming. It's well worth the price.

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Mon 2 Jul 2012
at 13:33
Re: GMs: Organising your shizzle
In reply to Metal Fatigue (msg # 3):

Just downloaded Shrivener... testing it out with a 30-day trial.  Looks pretty good. :)