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Thu 7 Jul 2016
at 00:37
Awaken RPG progress, almost done!
I've been eyeing this Scandinavian made tabletop game in-progress since its absolutely gorgeous artwork in its alpha playtest pdf captured me a couple of years ago. There was an update last month that it is still in the works having successfully gotten crowd funded-

We've just wanted to inform you about the development. The editing is going rather nicely, first editing pass on the first half of the book is done, and we're working daily on rearrangement of the manuscript for the easier and more fluent read. As soon as the text is ready, the design team will start working on the visuals of the book. Some additional art is being done, and currently artists are working on the cityscapes for the cities presented in the book, as well as the higher tier backer portraits. Take a look at the process of the character portrait creation:

It looks like they are nearing the finish line! Has this been on anyone else's radar? I can't wait to play this here :D

Edit: A link to the site for those that are curious: http://www.awakenrpg.net/

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Sun 10 Jul 2016
at 12:09
Awaken RPG progress, almost done!
I also recall that playtest from a few years ago, in fact the quickstart is the very same thing. I wonder why it took them so long to try again (if I recall correctly their first kickstarter failed?)

Anyhow, thanks for the heads up. I missed the Kickstarter but I will get the pdf of the corebook at least, unless if reviews are really bad (which I doubt as the playtest packet looks solid) and/or if the translation sucks.
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Sat 11 Mar 2017
at 14:22
Awaken RPG progress, almost done!
Not long to go now. Their Facebook page pegs the game as finished and now the pages just need outlayed. After that the .pdf should be available. Can't wait.

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