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Thu 8 Dec 2016
at 20:47
RIP John Glenn
A great hero.  Proof that sometimes if you shoot for the stars, you may just hit the moon.
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Thu 8 Dec 2016
at 21:40
RIP John Glenn
Scientists and explorers are still my heroes. No matter what.

Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
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Fri 9 Dec 2016
at 03:16
RIP John Glenn
He was also a Marine aviator.  Which, though I was Army, makes him my Brother.  Rest in Peace, Brother.
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Sun 11 Dec 2016
at 07:56
RIP John Glenn
He was a true pioneer.  He'll be missed.
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Sun 11 Dec 2016
at 17:38
RIP John Glenn
I remember as a little kid, living in Florida, watching his ship leave the Earth. The ground shook for miles around and the boom of those engines could be heard even farther away.
Thinking of him and that historic flight I can still hear the echo of that long ago launch even now.