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Sat 31 Dec 2016
at 18:36
Is anyone here familiar with Kult?
I was wondering: is anyone here familiar with the cult (pun intended) RPG named Kult? If so, what's your opinion on it?

I'm especially interested if anyone here is familiar with the recently published third version - Kult: Divinity Lost?
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Sat 31 Dec 2016
at 21:12
Is anyone here familiar with Kult?
It's on my list of 'nice, but do not want to play' games because of the ick-factor.
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Sat 31 Dec 2016
at 22:45
Is anyone here familiar with Kult?
Hm. I admit that I do wonder if the 'ick' factor is higher in Kult than, say, the various WoD games. Although I do remember that the Kult CCG had rather... hardcore artwork.

Anyway, I wondering how the newest version measures up to the old versions. Also, I'm wondering whether the new mechanics are sensible - I've read that the old Kult games weren't that good in this aspect.

I admit that I'm tempted to pick this up (when it gets published in Summer 2017), but the price seems mightily prohibitive: 50 GPD for a book??? That's why I'd prefer to get some opinions on the game before investing in it...
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Sat 31 Dec 2016
at 22:53
Is anyone here familiar with Kult?
I played the original Kult once a couple of years ago. I can barely remember how the game system actually worked. I can vividly remember the story of the actual session though. I had fun.
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Sun 1 Jan 2017
at 00:27
Is anyone here familiar with Kult?
The original Kult game was awesome in its setting and all.  It was one of the best horror/supernatural settings I'd seen in the 80's.  It had a very Clive Barker feel to it with a lot more metal.  However, the rules were rather atrocious, especially to run it.  The sorcery rules seemed too vague and just felt lackluster.  I know the second edition seemed to really change the setting.  I've not seen a lot of the new one that they did in Kickstarter, I missed it.  Waiting to be able to buy it but may pick up the quick starter rules to see how it is.  From what I've seen, the rules are a lot more streamlined but haven't gotten to see what they've done with the setting.