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Sun 29 Jan 2017
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Character Creation Help Please...
Character build suggestions please...

I just discovered a D&D Adventurers League location near me and will be attending my first live game on Wednesday.

I can build the character from PHB, SCAG, VOLO's and Storm Kings Thunder materials only. (I have access to all)

I have a character backstory that I'm currently using for a human ranger on here which I plan to use for this character also, but I was thinking of switching him up a bit and possibly going ranger/cleric.

I have rolled my stats (yes I know AL is supposed to be point buy, but I was told to roll) (16,16,15,11,11,11) no particular order although if pure ranger I would probably go 11,16,15,11,16,11.

I am sticking with human for race. But am torn between Acolyte and Outlander for background although I'm leaning towards Outlander because of the background feature.

Anyway, what published background would you use, and what class or classes would you go with?

They are half way through the campaign so I am starting at level 13 with either 4 uncommon or 1 rare and 2 uncommon items.

So build suggestions up to lol 13 would be welcome.

This is my backstory...

Dorvin grew up in a poor but very religious family where he was pressured into being an assistant at the temple of Tymora from an early age. However, Temple life was not for Dorvin, and when he turned 16, he started looking for experience in the world.

Dorvin studied Nature for 2 years but ended up cleaning the streets of his home town just to put food on the table.
Eventually, he found a steady position in a small provisioner's store, where he rose rapidly in confidence. It was around this time that he took up his two main hobbies, Archery and Fishing.

Bored with working in shops, at the age of 21, Dorvin became a carter, making deliveries around his home town. After a few years of this, Dorvin took a new job as a local Carriage Driver, before finally moving out west as a Teamster to drive Stagecoaches through the mountains.

Dorvin has become increasingly unhappy with the lack of effort by his employer to protect the coaches from the goblins and bandits plaguing the highways and has decided to put a stop to them himself.
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Sun 29 Jan 2017
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Character Creation Help Please...
In reply to KR4G3N (msg # 1):

Dorvin studied Nature for 2 years but ended up cleaning the streets of his home town just to put food on the table.

I'd make him a rat-catcher, just for fun.
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Mon 30 Jan 2017
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Character Creation Help Please...
"Rat-Catcher" has always been my Euphamism/Front-guild for Assassins.  [poison use and traps.]
 Though that could be why he was moved from "sewer&'infested house&garden'-cleaning" to street-cleaning he was too Goody-clean shoes.

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