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Tue 21 Feb 2017
at 10:30
Game Master Artificial Intelligence
Hi, Guys - I'm new here. Basically, I'm a highly experienced artificial intelligence developer with background in game development and design and I've now been given abundant resources to make an RPG AI that facilitates games via group chats. Just wondering what input this community has to something like that?

EDIT: (adding a few more details to clarify and trying to keep it as non-technical as I can)

In terms of specific AI systems, these are the types of AI I've worked on in the past:
(a) Natural Language Processing (NLP) - which runs the spoken language understanding engines in things like Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant, and works by determining user intention and identifying key entities in their sentences/ phrases,
(b) Deep Learning - which is a technique that lets computers learn and become more intelligent, and
(c) Recommendation Systems - like the ones you see in online stores that say "other customers also bought these..." or "you might also like ..." and present you with recommendations based on your profile / historical data.

So, combining these 3, what we're trying to achieve is an AI you can chat/talk to which will have capabilities such as but not limited to:

1. Understanding when a player says something that's not expected and can try to compute a recommendation and outcome on the fly like a real-life GM would do. Otherwise, it will gather this as input into its learning engine for experienced GMs to examine and configure a reaction to so in the future and as time goes by, this AI will learn to adapt more effectively.
2. Game facilitation meaning generating a plot with dynamic inter-actable entities (monsters, NPCs, environments, etc.) and presenting these to would-be adventurers, guiding character creation, keeping track of the character sheets in digital format, and just remembering current and historical play data for any user, letting users do the rolls and checks, etc.

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Tue 21 Feb 2017
at 11:39
Game Master Artificial Intelligence
Take a look at the GM Emulator systems.
May be a good way to start a framework.
Sir Swindle
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Tue 21 Feb 2017
at 13:40
Game Master Artificial Intelligence
Define "facilitates".
Define "games".

Are you talking about a grid based combat simulator or are you talking about a procedurally created story line?
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Tue 21 Feb 2017
at 13:49
Game Master Artificial Intelligence
Or even something to help with rulings on rules.

Narrator: @GME, it's crowded and poorly lit and Ronan is behind an upturned cart providing partial cover; tell me if the Goblin Archer hits.
GME: Is he trying for a snap short or taking time to aim
Narrator: Aiming
GME: Goblin Archer rolled an UM20, he hits and deals double damage. Ronan is toast

Alex Vriairu
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Tue 21 Feb 2017
at 18:14
Game Master Artificial Intelligence
If you can come up with a story teller AI gaming both standard computer (Dragon Age: Origins) and chat (IRC/RPOL) will never be the same and I will love you forever.
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Wed 22 Feb 2017
at 02:31
Game Master Artificial Intelligence
Thank you for all your input thus far. I've checked out some GM emulators and things that exist out there. I will edit my original message with more information to give some more details.
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Thu 23 Feb 2017
at 20:21
Game Master Artificial Intelligence
I honestly love this idea. Procedural generation based on situations would be really interesting. For instance, if you are in a desert scenario, the AI could generate some random encounters but perhaps it could also generate a plot hook as well. If so it could perhaps then begin to create a three act storyline. I think it would need some input on what genre the players prefer and then how to break it down into those chapters or acts.
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Fri 24 Feb 2017
at 21:43
Game Master Artificial Intelligence
I think a DM's aid would be great. From a PbP perspective, instead of trying to devise a DM replacement, or full-on procedural story-teller, creating some sort of natural-language DM's assistant that could narrate combat rounds and outcomes, and rule on micro-actions that players take (such as checking doors and searching for traps) would be very helpful!
Alex Vriairu
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Sat 25 Feb 2017
at 16:07
Game Master Artificial Intelligence
Oh I want a full on replacement story teller.  That's my dream, no one in my friends really want's to be the GM/DM, so a complete replacement would mean we could all play.
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Mon 27 Feb 2017
at 03:20
Game Master Artificial Intelligence
DMs aide all the way! Could help feed the 'm ideas and stuff for setting plot monsters, also calls on rulings and taking care of background mechanics...

*drool* could make it customizable to the particular 'm in question so they could design their own mechanics with it...
In reply to Alex Vriairu (msg # 9):

Not to go off topic but if you and your friends play freeform and collaberat to work out the setting and plot then you can all play and ccollectively be the dm