Warplock Engineer
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Sun 9 Apr 2017
at 02:24
Hi! I'm New and Need Friends! :)
I'm very new to this forum and don't really know where to start or truthfully how to navigate this site. I am looking for some RPs to get involved in and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions! I'm interested in sci-fi, fantasy/medieval, zombie, modern if the concept is interesting, and ESPECIALLY nation-building role-plays.

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 Ocoee FL
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Sun 9 Apr 2017
at 04:19
Hi! I'm New and Need Friends! :)
Welcome to the community.

Read the FAQs (upper right hand corner of every page). That will teach you a lot about the site, especially the rules.

Every game here is run by its own GM. The GM controls who gets into the game, posting rate, etc.

To find a game, check out the Players-Wanted forum where most new games are advertised. Each one will have a link to its own forum where you can get the low-down, including what is wanted in an RTJ (Request To Join).

You can also let potential GMs know what yo'd like to play in the Wanted-GMs forum.

If you consult the Game Proposals, Input, and Advice forum, you might get an inside track on upcoming games.

Best wishes. Hope you have fun here.
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Sun 9 Apr 2017
at 06:06
Hi! I'm New and Need Friends! :)
The site rules make 'invite by chat' difficult. It's a response to a minority of idiots spamming all and sundry with invites to their 'wonderfully fantastic' game.

There is no 'list of all Rpol Games', but you can use the search feature to look up specific genres (you may need to tweak the options a few times to find what you're looking for).

There are only certain places on the site where you can even mention specific games, let alone invite someone to join them. Players Wanted and GMs Wanted are your best bet for finding a game to join.

Or, if you learn of a GM who likes the stuff you like, you can search for their games with the main search feature. However, that will only list Game Owners, it won't list games that they co-GM.

Having said that, Rpol is a friendly place and you should find plenty of friends here once you learn your way around. :)
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Sun 16 Apr 2017
at 01:57
Hi! I'm New and Need Friends! :)
In reply to Warplock Engineer (msg # 1):

same here i just signed up any one wanna be ma friend?
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Sun 16 Apr 2017
at 10:25
Hi! I'm New and Need Friends! :)
Hi guys welcome to the site hope you have a long and fun time gaming here

How about you tell us what type of games you like .....rules you have / play .....games you'd like to try out
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Wed 26 Apr 2017
at 20:55
Hi! I'm New and Need Friends! :)

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