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Thu 18 May 2017
at 11:39
RIP Chris Cornell
Woke up this morning to read the headline.  Apparent suicide.  Jeez.  I'm gutted.  Grunge was my everything as a tween girl back in the early 90s.  I spent sooo many hours listening to Chris--my favorite vocalist.

Rest easy, Chris!
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Thu 18 May 2017
at 12:15
RIP Chris Cornell
Uggggh. I loved Soundgarden.

I read elsewhere someone suggesting that we should place Eddie Vedder under 24-hour protection. He's the last of the 90's grunge leads. He must be preserved!
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Thu 18 May 2017
at 12:18
RIP Chris Cornell
Man I really loved Black Hole Sun growing up.
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Thu 18 May 2017
at 12:24
RIP Chris Cornell
In reply to badpenny (msg # 1):

Lead vocalist for Soundgarden?  Man... looks like 2017 is gonna be another 2016 for musicians.  Sorry to hear of this.  He was a stellar vocalist and a decent human being.  Will play Black Hole Sun in his honor today when I practice.
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Thu 18 May 2017
at 14:58
RIP Chris Cornell
Rest in peace, dood.