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Wed 28 Jun 2017
at 05:26
Kind of a silly question....
I have a terribly silly question. I used to be on this site quite a bit years and years ago, and I can't for the life of me remember how to post pictures into a thread on a game? Just for visual purposes for scenes and things like that.


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Wed 28 Jun 2017
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Kind of a silly question....
From the Help section (under Games--RuBB Code--Images):

Images require a valid web address (or URL) to locate the picture to which they are pointing.  This means the image must be hosted somewhere online for RPoL to be able to find it and display it in a thread.

Images use the image tag (<img>).  This tag has no closer.  Within the tag, the address of the image is supplied using the source attribute (src=""); the address of the image goes inside the quotation marks.

<img src="">

Yields: (an image you can't see here because the public forums have the image code disabled, at least for standard users)

The image tag will also accept the alignment attribute to move an image to the left or right side of the post (the code would look like this: <img src="" align="right">).  Note that vertical alignment options are not possible in RuBB code at this time, nor are other HTML image attributes available.

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Wed 28 Jun 2017
at 07:39
Kind of a silly question....
It's worth adding: if you use an alignment tag ("left" or "right"), any text following the image will be placed alongside it, if there is room on the page. (This is dependent on the viewer's display width.) This can be handy for adding a small image to a post -- say, one describing a scene -- without breaking the flow of the text.