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Tue 25 Jul 2017
at 05:07
Adventurer Eggs
An unusual discussion has turned up on Reddit. Here's a link to where I first saw it.


Basically, some people on 4chan were complaining about murderhobos as usual, when someone threw out the idea that adventurers actually spawn fully-formed as semi-human dragon-kin, with no real history or knowledge of their environment -- nothing more than a set of skills, and the desire to kill things, accumulate loot, and get their thingies touched.

Basically, all the stuff that motivates dragons, just in a smaller humanoid package.

As you may imagine, people ran with the idea. Someone suggested that dragons might create these 'adventurer eggs', kit out hirelings with Standard Adventuring Gear (plus a bit of coin), and send them out into the world carrying one of these eggs. They develop by being in the proximity of people and -- more importantly -- coin changing hands.

Eventually, they mature, and in the middle of the night they hatch in some inn room. Out comes this naked, confused, angry murderhobo who kills the first thing they encounter (the hireling), takes their stuff, and goes down to the main room and asks if there are any adventures to go on. If a clutch of them happen to hatch in the same inn, they all gather around a table and look for the first shadowy figure to come by and expect them to have a 'mission' for them.
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Tue 25 Jul 2017
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Adventurer Eggs
I've never played a murder hobo, but that explanation makes a lot of sense.  =)