Parade Rainer
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Sun 10 Sep 2017
at 20:43
Hi, beginner here
I'm new and I'm terrified, but I'm really excited. If anyone has any advice or any games that they need a new player for then message me please. I'm weird, and I'm ready to play!:)
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Sun 10 Sep 2017
at 21:44
Hi, beginner here
We are gamers, so by definition we are all Wierd.
If your looking for a game I suggest looking in both the Players wanted forum and looking for GM forums. Many games here come about because enough people show interest in a kind of game (ergo the GM wanted section).
May also try looking through the Game Purposal forum, something there may strike  a cord with you.
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Sun 10 Sep 2017
at 21:57
Hi, beginner here
To add to what ShadoPrism has said: Face to face roleplaying is like guzzling down a Red Bull of roleplaying.  RPoL is a steady, IV drip of roleplaying.  Patience is often key. :)
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Sun 10 Sep 2017
at 22:42
Hi, beginner here
Welcome, Welcome!!

The IV drip metaphor is really apt. But some games are livelier than others, and you'll eventually find a game that fits your posting schedule. Best of luck, and may your dice roll true, and RNGesus bless you.
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Mon 11 Sep 2017
at 03:11
Hi, beginner here
It's a wonderful gaming site.  The only catch is that you have to change your proverbial mental gears when you go from live gaming to play by post.
It's important to be patient when you play in games here.
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Mon 11 Sep 2017
at 03:17
Hi, beginner here
What I always tell my players is: "Don't fall in love with the future."

In other words, in my experience PbP games take long enough that I think it's always better to focus on having fun in the moment. Love the routine of posting, rather than where your story might eventually go... because inevitably it will take months or years to get there, and how you feel now will definitely not be how you feel when you finally arrive.
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Wed 27 Sep 2017
at 10:59
Hi, beginner here
I've literally  just started on this site, like, fresh meat hanging here, I'm... a little confused to be perfectly honest. I'm definitely a little more than scared too. all this stuff is so fantastic and wonderful I really cant wait to try and start up a game with some folks. when it comes to role-play I've only been on a few sites that just did mass rp'ing with groups of people. and it was always a confused mess. I want something a bit more structured and I happened to roll on by this site, while it seems like fun its also hella intimidating. id like to ask yall where should I even begin, I've read the sites post and stuff should I just start asking around or what? I'm just a little more than just lost. ha, please help me.
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Wed 27 Sep 2017
at 11:13
Hi, beginner here
Well, if you've looked around a bit and are ready to start looking for some games to play, I'd suggest heading over to the Wanted-Players board and take a look at the games advertising for players.

If you find one you like, use the link at the top of the ad to go to the game, and from there click 'request access'.

You can then send the game's GM a message.  Tell them a bit about your interest, ask questions, or submit a character idea and then wait for a response.  If the GM has asked for specific information in the ad, you might want to make sure to include that as well.

Keep in mind that not all GMs are online every day, so you may not receive a response right away.

Welcome, and happy gaming. :-)
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Mon 23 Oct 2017
at 08:21
Hi, beginner here
help i wanna rp but idk how and i don't want to be lonly
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Fri 10 Nov 2017
at 12:31
Hi, beginner here
HI sonyup, have you ever roleplayed outside of rpol? Maybe look at some articles online about role-playing.
If you are not familiar with rules of rp games you can always find a free form game to play in.

I wish you luck on this site, lots of people here, you wont be too lonely I'm sure!
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 04:28
Hi, beginner here
One of the great things about this site is that the prevailing attitude is very welcoming of newcomers. Lots of people ask for advice in General and get straightforward answers without judgment. There's a thread where people can just go and vent their spleen, and move on. In most games, the GM is more than happy to explain how to play for those unfamiliar with the system of choice -- and there are also games using homebrew rules that necessitate tutorials, along with games that just don't bother with mechanics.

Plus, there are so many active games looking for new players! If you find a game that interests you, but you lose interest -- or don't get along with the GM, or have trouble with a player, or can't figure out the rules, or whatever -- you can simply notify the GM, drop out, and find another game. I've been an RPoLer for over a decade, and not once has the Players Wanted board not had at least a dozen games actively recruiting.

If you look at the site info (Help -> View RPoL Information), there are currently:
  • 104,545 registered users, 2040 of whom have logged in within the past week
  • 1,670 active games, 441 of which are looking for players
  • 92,394 characters

I challenge you to find another RP-dedicated site with this much activity.