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Mon 23 Oct 2017
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How long until a character is considered abandoned?
I'm not sure if this should go here or advice, but thought I'd start here.  I'm a GM, I have a couple games I asked for at least once-a-day posting on week days.   I'm sure this is a common question, but I couldn't find any questions or answers on this on a search here or in the advice forum.

I just restarted one where 2 of the people haven't posted in a week, though they were on Friday, and a 3rd person who hasn't logged in in 10 days.

I bumped OOC a couple times asking for posts.

My other game had a long down time and I restarted from where I left off, we have one player who I rather like, but has been responding very slowly.

Do you have any rules about moving things along when people don't post?

Do the PCs get turned into NPCs temporarily, or disappear, when their owners don't post?

How long do you or your GM let people go without posting before replacing them?

I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone in or running long running games, as I haven't been in any games that have lasted terribly long, my own have been longer than others I've played at, but eventually it gets frustrating trying to deal with this and I give up on the games.

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Mon 23 Oct 2017
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How long until a character is considered abandoned?
In reply to Justisaur (msg # 1):

Well, if they haven't even logged into the game for 2 weeks, I drop them. Even with the West Coast burning and the East Coast drowning (assuming they're in the US, of course), 2 weeks is a lot of time. If things are so bad they can't drop a quick note in 2 weeks, then things are so bad they won't be playing anymore.

If they are looking in on the game, but not posting, I'll send a PM to them after a week, and again at day 12. If Day 15 comes and they're still not answering, they are gone. If they answer, it depends on what they say, of course.