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Mon 13 Nov 2017
at 18:33
RPG Bucket list?
Anyone else have a list of characters/scenarios/themes etc. That they'd like to play or GM at some point? Like an RPG bucket list?

For my part I'd love to play a pregnancy all the way through (on my 4th attempt at this as my characters never tend to make it past 1st trimester).

I'd also love to play a deaf character.

One I've done before but don't feel I did justice to so would like to redo is playing a super strong mutant. With the code name "Crusher" and real name "Wesley". One who hates thier power and keeps forgetting they have it until the accidentally knock over a tree or lift a vehicle.

And I'd love to play or GM are really long stretching game where everyone starts as kids/teens with no skills and builds and builds as they age. I have rough plan for this but don't have the time or skills to pull it off yet.
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 Captain Oblivious!
Mon 13 Nov 2017
at 19:04
RPG Bucket list?
To be able to play a Pathfinder campaign from front to back with the same character.

To actually be able to put my various campaign ideas on paper and have other people actually use them.   :)
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Mon 13 Nov 2017
at 19:08
RPG Bucket list?
I would love to be a player in the sort of game I have been running for the past 3 years.
IE: Person from 'normal world' (ie no or very little magic) dropped in to a high fantasy kind of world (AD&D's Forgotten Realms is what I am using, modified with a few house rules of course.) Physical transformation in to a race of that world a plus (ie Reincarnation effect of Mind / Spirit being put in to the body of the new character is usually how I see that working.)
Though even with out that sort of thing, I really enjoy the concept of it and like playing that sort of game.

Otherwise Vampire the Masquerade 2cd ed (Pre 20th aniversery) with Merits and Flaws option available for use.

A combination of world switch with VtM - World of Darkness and the first one would be interesting to.