Midnite Pablo
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Fri 24 Nov 2017
at 21:13
Newbie trying to learn all the ropes here
Hey, im a total newbie in this of RP
I've been playing in Discord forums where people gather to Role play, but i find their Character Bios extremely Simple and Unbalanced, besides a lot of players dont take the game seriously and the Game is a complete chaos, thus i dont stay Role playing for more than 30 Minutes before i Leave
I heard about Dungeons and Dragons back in the day, and just tought if some people would take a good game seriously, would be this community
So i came here and felt overwhelmed by the Game systems and Character sheets
Im not backing down, but i want to learn how to properly play and get the 100% to get the best experience out of this, and not be the kind of player i got peached off at countless times

Any help goes!

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Fri 24 Nov 2017
at 22:33
Newbie trying to learn all the ropes here

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Sat 25 Nov 2017
at 04:38
Newbie trying to learn all the ropes here
Hi Pablo,

There are many games on this site, not just Dungeons and Dragons. Each game is run by a different GM at a different 'table' just like games at a convention.

Each game will have its own rules and some are simpler than others. Some have lots of rules and lots of dice-rolling, others are freeform, just mutual storytelling with no rules or dice at all. And everything in between. Take your pick.

There is something for everyone here, but Play by Post (PbP) games tend to be slow. Nothing happens in real time, and certainly nothing happens in half an hour. You'll need a good supply of patience here.

Incidentally, because we have juniors on site, we substitute fruits and pastries for 'certain words', you might want to decide that you were peared off before the moderators come along.

Welcome, and have fun. :)
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Sun 26 Nov 2017
at 19:12
Newbie trying to learn all the ropes here
Hi and welcome!

Check out the Help section, there's lots of good stuff there.  I think there is also a Beginners' Forum, you can search for that on the main page.  Have fun!