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Sun 17 Dec 2017
at 22:57
Tactical Maps
I'm curious, how exactly do people produce tactical maps for games like Pathfinder?  I was considering attempting to GM something again but I'd need to be able to do this first.
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Mon 18 Dec 2017
at 00:15
Tactical Maps
The cheapo method is to use easy tables (it's on the help)

The second cheapo method is to just keep around a blurb with a description of where each actor is. Usable for smaller, less important encounters or when the battlefield doesn't translate itself well to a square grid.

After that, you're looking at map-making software.
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Mon 18 Dec 2017
at 00:22
Tactical Maps

I found this very helpful, but of course I wasn't intelligent enough to keep track of the user that posted it so I could give credit :/

It's basic, but it gets the job done, and you can even thrown in some colors (even though they don't stick if you save and load the map :( )

Still, for simple small scale grid combat I found it to work great
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Mon 18 Dec 2017
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Tactical Maps
For quick and easy maps, I use ASCII art. Looks similar to NetHack; colors and symbols to denote terrain features.
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Mon 18 Dec 2017
at 07:34
Tactical Maps
If you want something like a hex map, try this link:

The resulting overlay is in the form of a downloadable PDF file, and is absolutely free.

If what you are looking for are map overlays for dungeon levels and such, they have other graph paper PDFs that would be more useful for that.

You could also use your Game Links to point at drawings of your maps you have scanned as .jpeg or .png files (hosted on Dropbox or some other file hosting service) or as .PDF files if you wanted to use Google Drive.
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Fri 22 Dec 2017
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Tactical Maps
And don't forget to look in "Heaven - Gaming Resources"