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Sun 7 Jan 2018
at 13:44
Looking for comments and feedback, d20-ish Fallout Equestria
I'm putting together a heavily modified d20 ruleset for Fallout Equestria. I'm curious what things people consider essential to maintain about FoE (I.E. SPECIAL for ability scores), and whatever other advice, feedback, or comments may be had. Is anyone interested in discussing the topic at all?

Strangely perhaps, one of my ideas is to replace the d20, similar to the 3d6 varient rule, except to have each d6 change size based on either ability score, skill, or tier (a general overall power level. Normal peasent characters are d6, weak monsters like radroaches are d2 or d4, while Unity alicorns are d10 to d12.).

Also, changing things to be classless. Figured on reworking so that all magical races actually get magic, but also so that basic magic can be used endlessly without outshining mundane attacks.