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Sat 13 Jan 2018
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V's Recipes (and your's too!)
So this is just a the request for the recipe for my sandwich. I have other recipes I would be more than willing to share, like my quesadillas, steak sandwich, or nachos (which sadly I can't eat any more). Simple, little nothings, I put a lot of spirit into, like chili competitors do. They are glorified snacks and sandwiches.

Spoiler for disclaimer: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

You are welcome (I mean OBVIOUSLY you are) to substitute any of this. I will list a few don'ts as well. It's meant to be flavorful, but cheap (not super cheap either though...be warned). You can make many, many, many more than you could buy for the same price at Subway. So don't expect the best sandwich you've ever had. It is made for my taste, as IRL my roommate and I are struggling with money, and I have Tourettes where I get sick easily. I usually spend WAY more on food budget, because if it tastes good I'm less likely to get sick. It's neurological, but physical (Tourettes). So I was just happy it's worked out as well as it has.

Lastly, it's difficult to get the onions the way they should be, so just practice if you like it.

I enjoy making food, it's a hobby of mine. Some people like to hunt. I like to cook and prepare food. It's my gift to my friends when I have birthday parties. They bring their gaming materials and maybe a cake/pie and I make dinner.

Spoiler for V's Spicy Horseradish Turkey Sandwich: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

  • 2 tsp (appox) Miracle Whip (or Mayonaise) (quarter or pence sized "puddle")
  • 1 1/2 Tps of pureed Horseradish (less if you aren't wanting that WHOO! feeling) I can recommend a few brands in Rmail.
  • 3 slices of thin-sliced Mesquite Turkey. Hillshire or Boar's head both worked for me. Oscar Meyer and Hormel are awful with this, so unless you love that brand I suggest not using them. MY roommate like Oscar meyer and didn't like the mix.
  • 2 slices of bread. Here is where you get to have fun, or go cheap. I highly suggest finding a bakery in a grocery store you like, and just get sliced bread. If you make your own bread, a sourdough or savory cheese bread works well. The bread can make the sandwich. I cannot stress that enough. I have tried it with Wonderbread, for my Roomate, her words "it's okay" which could mean "good" or "eh" I have no idea. I thought the bread was conspicuously off for the sandwich.
  • 2 thick slices of Medium Cheddar Cheese.
  • About a 5 tsp very thin sliced red onion.(if measured [which I don't since I eyeball it] it's as a "heaping" tablespoon)  The signature* paper-thin red onion is my touch. See below.
  • Optional adds
    • If you think the sandwich is too weak, which it may be, finely grate about a teaspoon of fresh horseradish. For me it was offensively strong, enough t ruin the sandwich, but my friend Rak "Rock" loved it, and he enjoys very strong/spicy/savory/bitter/sour foods. He actually helped me get that optional taste test. To me, TBH it's WAY too much.
    • Cilantro, either with or instead of the horseradish. I prefer touch a leaf or two, so barely any, if at all. Again, Anne, my roommate enjoyed it. It's not bad, but I like it without.
    • 1/8 of tsp Paprika. I tried this and it wasn't bad, but I would cut down on the horseradish and let the onion and mayo/miracle whip carry the paprika.
    • Note: this is not very compatible with actually spicy flavors. I tried...
      • Red pepper
      • Bell pepper
      • Ground Black pepper
      • Salt
      • Cayenne pepper
    • Leaves of lettuce or other green are totally up for debate. Red cabbage was okay, but I got tired of it before I used it, and little went a long way. No one but me liked it that way, and I only did as change, but usually don't when I make the sandwich.
    • Spinach was slightly too bitter and ended up sort of giving a base to the acidity that makes it good. It was also too earthy.
    • Oak Leaf lettuce. Probably the best. I also have salads in general, and this romaine lettuce don't go to waste. So I pick out the oak leaf lettuce to put on my sandwich.

*The red onion is best when it's extremely thin, about as thin as a leaf of wilted lettuce. Essentially you cut off about a 1/3 of the onion, and use that  surface as a base, putting that surface against the cutting board. Then you cut about 2 cm off the side, and then position the knife on the edge, below the top lip of the onion, and sliced horiztonally at an angle, about 1/2 mm (which yes, is very difficult) and then curve the knife to chop (or if you have chef's knife, worth it's salt, slice) down so you have this shaving. Graters are the poor man's alternative, but it has different texture, and that make a difference on how it's enjoyed.

I have about one of these at a time, but if you like more, you can probably put away two pretty easily. My friend Anne often needs to two to feel full. She also weighs quite a bit more than I do, and I am said to "eat like a bird".

I would appreciate you not posting the recipe elsewhere on the web, or claiming it "publicly" as your own. I am eventually starting up a late-night catering business, for the local train dispatch, security, and late night gamers alike; when I have enough contacts and assets secured. But I always enjoy cooking and helping people prepare food. It's been an off and on again passion, everyone tells me "You should do" but never figured out how.

Think of it as an expensive snack, or alternative to eating out for a sandwich (or burger). The ingredients are what make it good (IMO). By all means though, if this inspires you to make your own version, own it! :D  After all, imitation and inspiration is the highest form of flattery.

Optionally, toast bread on light setting, for about 50 seconds, so showing no browning, but slightly coarse to0 the touch.

Take first slice of bread the bread, spread the miracle whip (or mayonaise) on the bread. Then spread the horseradish sauce Put the 1st slice if cheddar. Then the three pieces of turkey, then the second slice of cheese. Slice the onion. Place the onion in a semi-even layer on the cheddar. Add optional ingredients as desired.

Top with the second slice of bread. Enjoy! Slices of jicama dipped into a Mexican sour cream dip (a local brand so no idea the equivalent) is what I enjoy with it.

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Mon 15 Jan 2018
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V's Recipes (and your's too!)
Add rose syrup to taste into water. Ideally for a more natural syrup it should have a healthy ruby colour. Then add carnation milk or evaporated milk by the tablespoon and stir until the milk dissolves. Stop when the drink becomes opaque. Serve drink chilled.