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Tue 24 Apr 2018
at 09:59
Calling all cars; general "Rmail me please!" for reasons TBA
I've had a few strikes with moderation, so I hope I didn't just hit a wall, but I don't see anything against this, and if I'm in the wrong thread,please tell which one would better.

This is a general call for Rmail chat. Rmail can be individual and personal, and I for one sometimes appreciate that. So I see this being a good addition to CC when no specific topic is to be discussed, and one on one chat (with anyone really) is preferred.

SO....for MY use of this...

I'm having serious trouble. The people I normally Rmail aren't on right now, so I'd like a warm body, so to speak, to chat with. Very bad depression, and despair for mostly legitimately worrying troubles, but I can't make my medication act any faster. I have no deathwish, and warm lines sucks in my area. So I'm up a tree to have no numbers to call to get support.

So yeah, if someone is online in...oh the next two hours...and could Rmail me...just to to chat...I'd really appreciate that. I'll probably go to bed in the next two hours...so if it's past then...I'll appreciate it, but I won't reply until much later tomorrow.


Edit: I need to go to bed! But I am SO thankful for the outpouring of Rmails. Feel free to still rmail me. I love to chat, but I'm better (now). A couple people rmailed me minutes after this post,and thren since then a over dozen replies have been made and I'm STILL getting rmails. I appreciate them! Keep them up asyou like, but I'm really better and you need no fret or worry " should I? I mean clearly he's bad off" I was, and my practical problems are still here,but my emotionla state has drastically improved, and people have been stranded in the wilderness, in the desert, and their will to live, their attitude made up thier ijnury. thirst and poor survival skills/choices. I was applauded for being strong, and even asking for help. I am very proud of those complements. I am better from receiving them.:) I always love to chat, but I'm past that bad window (now). Can't promise tomorrow the shaodw won'tbe back, but I'll dealwith that then, and I KNOW without doubt I won't be alone.

S o rmail me if you like. It WILL be appreciated and replied to too, but later. OCD to be courtesous recipient stops to SLEEP! So tomorrow. Anyway, thank you if you were concerned. I cannot stress that enough. :) Now off to bed.FOR REAL!!!! If you rmailed me, you WILL get reply. Later. :D

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