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Fri 7 Sep 2018
at 07:00
RIP Burt Reynolds.....
It's a a sad day to here that one of the first action heroes of my childhood has passed away.

I grew up on smokey and the bandit and still think Deliverance is one of the all time psycho thrillers.

Rest in peace ..."10 10 till we see you again breaker break he's gone"

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Fri 7 Sep 2018
at 07:51
RIP Burt Reynolds.....
Heart failure, 83 years old.
I loved many of his movies, from Smokey and beyond.
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Fri 7 Sep 2018
at 13:49
RIP Burt Reynolds.....
The same. Keep on keeping on where ever you are Smokey & the Bandit. He will be missed.
Edit: Posting from the phone is not always the brightest form of action, I meant both, since both have since passed. phones.

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Fri 7 Sep 2018
at 18:16
RIP Burt Reynolds.....
He was Bandit. Jackie Gleason was Smokey. Yeah, I loved him in the Original "Longest Yard" and 'Smokey'. Action and Comedy movies were his forte. Cannonball Run was another favorite.

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Fri 7 Sep 2018
at 18:30
RIP Burt Reynolds.....
My wife loves to tell the story of when she was a child, her mother gave her permission to go see the new movie, "Snoopy and the Bandit."  Needless to say, Burt Reynolds was not what she was expecting...
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Wed 12 Sep 2018
at 10:03
RIP Burt Reynolds.....
I like how no matter how many times he played the same type of characters in his movies his real personality just seemed to infuse those characters with life and credibility.  He could make the commonplace seem extraordinary, and that's a rare gift in an actor.

By all accounts he was a decent guy to just hang out with, eat barbecue and drink a few beers.  I never got the chance, but feel like he exemplified all that is right with Southern culture in these United States.

Go easy, Burt, on your journey westward.