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Sat 29 Sep 2018
at 17:02
How long have I been a member
I'm sure this is answered somewhere but I can't find it.  Is there a way to see when you joined RPOL?
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Sat 29 Sep 2018
at 17:17
How long have I been a member
There isn't a way to know exactly (for a lot of older accounts, even the Mods don't have that information), but this thread tells you how to find out roughly when you joined: link to a message in this forum  Note that in many cases, you can only find out a date that you joined before.

As in "Before January 31st 2010", for example.
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Sat 29 Sep 2018
at 19:54
How long have I been a member
I know my first game application was February 7, 2006.  Apparently I made a note of it when I wrote my autobiography, whenever that was...  So I probably joined RPoL on the 5th or 6th.

Which I say less to gloat and more to suggest that anyone who does still remember when they joined might want to put a note of it somewhere.  You'll thank yourself later.  After a decade or so, it's not an uncommon thing to start wondering.
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Sun 30 Sep 2018
at 16:51
How long have I been a member
I've still got my confirmation email from when I first created my RPOL profile, floating around in a folder on my email account.
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Sun 30 Sep 2018
at 21:09
How long have I been a member
In reply to facemaker329 (msg # 4):

Sadly I have to change e-mails every several years. One, there's security issues (for me specifically). Secondly, I had a Hotmail Account...then a Yahoo Account...Now Gmail, but I still haven't sorted out the relay for Gmail yet, since my friend in New Zealand was my deadman collector, and I haven't talked to him in like...I think seven or eight years. Anyway, my hotmail account has had my confirmation e-mail, which I know was around 2004 or before. I think it was 2002, but I question that now. I plan to change my user data to my Gmail account when I get the relay setup and pin a new deadman collector.

I SO wish I had that confirmation e-mail. I had an issue with RPoL only a couple years after joining; I had logged in at a friend's and he decided to post on my account, for a CD key for a PC game of all things, and then to make matters worse started a flame war about some erroneous uncle or something that was a lawyer. Bat-psycho stuff like that! So I got fed up, and left RPoL for awhile. As he really put my name into the long straw list. When I came back, I think in 2007, I never stayed away for more than a couple months. Though I've always been slow. TOR is still slower though xp.

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Mon 1 Oct 2018
at 14:09
How long have I been a member
With the same caveat that BBR gave (ie that the date given for older accounts will just say  "Before 08:00, Sun 23 Oct 2005" or "Before 10:53, Sat 05 May 2007" as appropriate) ...

You can find your sign up date under user preferences on the Beta test site - top left in the RPoL Information block.  :>
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Mon 1 Oct 2018
at 19:04
How long have I been a member
LOL, I have been her since before 2005 woo that's been some years.
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Mon 1 Oct 2018
at 19:06
How long have I been a member
Mine says before 2007.  So it must have been somewhere during 2006-2007 since it doesn't say before 2006 or 2005.  :-)
Thank you all for the advice.
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Mon 1 Oct 2018
at 19:24
How long have I been a member
I have a  a  message I saved  from the link  above...

I had   437... Skald  got a pretty  pin point  as to my start date as ... "Before 08:00, Sun 23 Oct 2005".  Old school.  ;>..this is what skald  answered   my  question with!
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Mon 1 Oct 2018
at 21:24
How long have I been a member
At some point in time, I've noted down in my autobiography section that I joined in 2002. Such a long time ago.