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Sat 13 Oct 2018
at 03:32
Greg Stafford, RIP
My two favorite Greg stories.

One year at DundraCon, he and I were both scheduled to run VERY early Sunday games.
We knew each other in passing, and were the first two people blearily standing in line for the hotel restaurant to open, and shared a table.  Great conversation about mythology and local politics and mutual friends.  I don't think we talked games or gaming at all.

A few months later, I just emailed him to say I'd see him at a convention the next weekend.  His response?  "Won't be there.  Burning Man."  Apparently he would traipse around Black Rock city, handing out flyers about how Barney was the anti-dinosaur.

I'm glad I got to know you at least a little, Greg.  I wish I had know you better.

Who else has a good Greg story?
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Sat 13 Oct 2018
at 14:58
Greg Stafford, RIP
In reply to dybbuk67 (msg # 1):

Never met him or knew of him until now.  Sounds like my kind of guy, though.

Go easy, Greg Stafford, on your journey to the West.