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Thu 24 Jan 2008
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Destiny: Cargo Bay Part II
This huge room spans both levels of Destiny.  The flooring is metal plates, some of which are removable to hold hidden storage space.  From here you can hear Destiny's twin engines humming, it truly is the bowels of the ship.  On the right and left are doors leading to more storage room and a ladder leading up into Engine Rooms 1 and 2.  Toward the front of the room are stairwells leading up to the second level.

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Thu 24 Jan 2008
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Re: Destiny: Cargo Bay Part II
[From Destiny: Dining Hall]

Kale stepped out from the dining hall and onto the upper level catwalk of the cargo bay and almost ran smack into Geoff on his way to his bunk.  Taking a step back Kale looked at up at the younger but larger man.

"Sorry 'bout that.  Runnin' a ship ain't ever easy." he said, in reference to having to take a break from getting things ready to deal with the "Dake problem".

"You pick out yer weapons 'o choice yet?" he didn't wait for Geoff to respond before yelling down to the lower level were Wei-Li and Lei were, "An' you best be ready to Wei, yer comin' with on this one.  We're gonna need man power and we're gonna need stealth."

Kale tried to push all of his issue with Dake from his mind, he couldn't deal with that now.  He needed to focus on getting Rhaef home.