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Into the Black
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Mon 19 May 2014
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Santo: Casino Way
Casino Way is the main street on Santo and holds the title for longest street in all of the 'verse.  Casino Way stretches almost the entire way across the main continent and is a popular destination for college kids or rich socialites looking to spend a few weeks working their way down.

The bustling streets are always filled with people at all hours as everything here is open 24 hours a day.  There are so many neon signs and flashing lights that you can barely even tell when day ends and night begins.  Lining the street are many of the finest casinos the 'verse has to offer as well as many theatres, arcades, and shopping centers among other things.

Both the Prisma Casino and the Palms theatre as located off Casino Way.
Rhaef Sorandash
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Wed 28 May 2014
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Re: Santo: Casino Way
The sights and sounds were overwhelming and Rhaef had been here more than once before.  As it was mid-afternoon, the crowds were not as thick as they would be in the evening, a note the Rhaef stashed away in his mental inventory for the coming mission. But still this was is his first real down time in months, and his first real in, well ever...

Turning to Charlie, he smiled. "So Charlie," he said with smile, and he put his arm around her waist and stole a kiss, "what would you like to do first?"