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Into the Black
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Sun 1 Jan 2006
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Destiny: Passenger's Quarters
This room is the common area for the passengers on board Destiny.  There are two mis-matched couches facing one another, one of which has been covered with an old blue blanket because of the rips in the original fabric.  Between the two couches is a coffee table where you can normally find a deck of cards or a book lying.  There's a huge old persian rug covering the metal flooring.  The passenger bunks can be reached from this room, as well as the Infirmary.

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Sun 8 Jan 2006
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Re: Destiny- Passenger's Quarters
((Moved from cargo hold...))

Charlene Bourdain:
"  Not gonna happen?  Aww...tha's alright, honey.  Come on, let's not have you in there."  She looked around for anything to cover the girl, not finding much...other than the shirt off her own back, and while she was all for helping, there was a level of comfortable that it just didn't hit.  Charlie leaned over towards the infirmary door, cupping a hand around her mouth and shouting.  "Hey, someone bring me a blanket'r somethin'?"

   Lei simply shakes her head slightly at Charlie, and backs away from the infirmary. When Charlie shouts out to the others inside, Lei bolts for the far side of the room, and sits down with her back pressed into the corner with her knees drawn up to her chest again.
Charlene Bourdain
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Sun 8 Jan 2006
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Re: Destiny- Passenger's Quarters
Charlie follows Lei into the hall of the Passenger Quarters, smiling, taking the lead instead of just letting her back up.  The girl bolted to the other side of the room, finding a corner and hiding...and Charlie stayed right where she was, crossing her arms and looking at the girl.  There was no sense in making her feel like a trapped animal, as she probably already did.  " alright?  Tired?  Cold?  Hungry?  Anything like that, you wanna tell me?  I'm gonna assume you're cold, bein' without a pair of anything."  She does her best to keep warm, trying to coax an answer out of the girl.  "You need anything?  If'n you want, I can just leave y'be..."
Geoff Wolfe
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Sun 8 Jan 2006
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Re: Destiny- Passenger's Quarters
Geoff headed out and spotted Charlie and Lei in a corner of the room. Averting his eyes from the naked girl, he approaches and clears his throat. "Yo, Charlie. Here's a blanket. Hurry up and ruttin' cover her, alright?", he said lightly as he held the blanket out to her.
Kendra Whelan
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Sun 8 Jan 2006
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Re: Destiny- Passenger's Quarters
Falling in right behind him, Kendra takes the blanket and walks it over to Charlie, hands it to her. Walks over to the otherside of the couch, picks up a book and begins to read, observing the two out of the corner of her eye.
Charlene Bourdain
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Sun 8 Jan 2006
at 08:35
Re: Destiny- Passenger's Quarters
Charlie takes the blanket, nodding to Geoff.  "Don'cha worry, I'm taking care of our guest here.  You don't need t'worry, everything's gonna be okay."  She steps away from Geoff, crouching down beside Lei and opening the blanket, gently putting it around her form under her chin.  She moves slow, so that if Lei seems to jerk back, she can pull it away.

"C'mere,'s okay.  Let's get you safe...