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Mon 21 Nov 2016
at 00:38
Another newbie - Goliath question.
I'm just starting out on here, never played tabletop DnD in my life, although I did play a bit of Baldurs Gate back in the 90ís.

I'm currently creating my first level 1 character to join in a 5e game.

Having played humans and wizards for the most part in other RP games (Ultima Online) I decided I wanted to try something new.

I've looked through the PHB briefly online (on my phone) and also the EE expansion and RR adjustment.

I'm currently considering a Goliath, but struggling with class.

I'm not overly fussed with magic.

Barbarian outlander seems the natural (and far too obvious) path.

Fighter soldier also seems plausible.

Bard gladiator is a possibility.

And I've always had a thing for rangers, but not really sure the build of a Goliath suits that role.

I'm also considering multiclass...

But do I go fighter + ?

Or barbarian + ?

What are the benefits and detractors?
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Mon 21 Nov 2016
at 16:03
Another newbie - Goliath question.
I would say to not just look at the mechanical side of things but to imagine the fluff side too - what kind of character can you imagine your Goliath being? What kind of stuff would he/she like to do? What would he/she enjoy about life, that sort of thing. I've not played 5th Edition myself so far, mainly 4th so I can't really speak for the mechanics anyway as I know 5th Edition is pretty different from its predecessors. But 4th Edition has Goliaths as a playable race too so I am at least familiar with them :). Just imagine playing your character, what would fit them, can you picture them wielding any particular type of weapon, etc. Then find whichever class best fits your mental image and go from there :D.