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Sun 27 Nov 2016
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I used to RP a lot but I haven't in forever so I'm rusty
Name: Sonia Frey
Age: 17
Physical Characteristics: 5'1", 162 lbs, light brown hair, elongated pixie cut, green eyes, gold-colored glasses, cat-eye eyeliner, pink and teal plaid button-up, black tank top, dark blue jeans, grey sneakers with black laces, silver stud earrings, and a tight locket necklace
Hobbies: drawing, dancing goofily, outfit coordinating, making up scenarios in her head, making weird faces in the mirror, and tackle-hugging her friends
Likes: cats, TV, memes, Tumblr, people-watching, hugs, sweaters, chocolate, kids, and well-done make-up
Dislikes: rude people, exercise, math class, mix-matching outfits, crying, mirrors, being alone, odd scents
Personality: bubbly, friendly logical, sincere, open-minded, smiles a lot, laughs a lot (especially in awkward situations), finger guns a lot, cries easily, whines when tired or lazy, and often hungry

Story Line
We're hanging out at the mall, like usual. We walk around, hang at the food court, people-watch, and go try out outfits that we'd likely not buy. Just teenager stuff. :p
(Friend character needed. Any gender is fine. Give character description it doesn't have to be as detailed as mine don't worry ^^u.)
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Sun 27 Nov 2016
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Welcome to rpol!

This is the Beginners Forum, where people just say hello and and introduce themselves. You should check out the FAQ and the site rules. One of the big rules is no RP outside of a game. To join a game, you can look through the search on the main page or browse the Players Wanted section. If you already know what you want to play and you're looking for someone to run the game, check out the GM Wanted section. Community Chat is where users hang out and mingle. It's livelier than the Beginner's forum. Everyone there is helpful and nice. Hope you find a game for your character.

Happy Gaming!