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Sat 3 Dec 2016
at 02:04
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Hi there!

I'm vanihba. I have a RP game with a few friends that we play, but lately, due to our schedules, we're all only able to meet up once a week. I find myself wanting a little bit more RP in my life so I found this site.

It's very intriguing, and I'm interested in getting started. I am a little confused as to how the actual RPing works, though it seems to be chat or text based? Would that be correct? Do people ever Skype or anything?

That's not a dealbreaker for me or anything, just curious.

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Sat 3 Dec 2016
at 02:42
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Hi! Welcome to RPoL!

For the most part, it's what is known as PbP (Play-by-Post). Just like around the gaming table, the GM tells you something, and you respond. Only here, both of those things are done in writing. The GM writes a post and then all the players can post a reply. Whoever can post first simply does so, and the GM sorts out what all the characters are doing.

Role-playing is strongest with PbP, while combat is generally the weakest... because it can take several days to resolve a single combat.

The biggest thing to realize is that PbP tends to be rather slow, so you need patience. Also it's about writing.

There are games that use Skype, and there are Virtual Tabletops, but I don't know if there's anything like that done on this site. There is a General thread called Offsite Gaming. That can probably answer those questions.

Make sure you read over the FAQs up in the upper right corner. Even the Help board is useful.