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Wed 18 Jan 2017
at 04:11
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Hi, All,

I've read the thread about "Best Practices for Threads and Groups", but I have some more specific questions.

As far as I can tell, the thread most recently posted to bumps to the top by default.

1.)  Is there a way to disable this feature?

2.)  Is there a way to create nested threads (As in a related group of threads)?

The reason I ask is that I have an organizational structure I'm using in my current game such that each thread is assigned a topic number.  Roughly it should go like this:

0000 - Introductions and Expectations
1000 - Ideas (Scenes I'd Like to Play)
2000 - Feedback (Gripes, Suggestions, Observations, etc.)
3000 - Discussions (for game-related matters best kept out-of-game)
4000 - Adventures
       4100 - Adventure One Intro
              4110 - Adventure One Game Thread
5000 - Reserved for future use
6000 - Reserved for future use
7000 - Reserved for future use
8000 - Game Milieu (for posting data about places, non-player characters, etc.)
9000 - Meta Traffic (OOC)
       9100 - Awards (for keeping track of awards to characters/players.)
       9200 - Player Character Development Intro
              9210 - First Character Development Records
              9220 - Second character development records

and so forth.  The problem is, with the current "most recent" default, this organization gets knocked around every time anyone posts to a thread.

What I'd like to be able to do is create sub-boards for each of the "thousands" with related threads stored under them.

Similarly, for each Adventure, create a nested thread with all the stuff related to that Adventure under it.

See where I'm going with this?  As things currently stand, I don't see where sub-boards are possible within a game, and to keep everything in numerical order I wind up doing a lot of thread bumping.

Am I coming at this from the wrong direction, or what?

Thanks for reading, and for any insights into my questions.
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
at 04:20
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No, there is no way to disable bumping of a thread when a user posts.

And currently there is no way to create nested threads.
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
at 04:43
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In reply to bigbadron (msg # 2):

Thanks, Ron.  I'll muddle through until I can come up with a better org structure.
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Thu 19 Jan 2017
at 22:08
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In reply to horus (msg # 1):

One way that MIGHT help is to keep a notice thread with your organizational structure as below, and link to the threads.  Make it a notice, and it will stay (relatively) at the top, only being bumped down when other notice threads are posted to.

It's not ideal, but it might help if this structure is vital to your game.
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Fri 20 Jan 2017
at 04:49
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In reply to Shannara (msg # 4):

This is exactly what I have been thinking about doing.

I'm not so sure the structure is vital to the game itself, but it does help me in thinking about and developing the game, so this will probably work.

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Fri 20 Jan 2017
at 06:14
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A slightly related question...

Is it possible to hyperlink to an individual post within a thread? For example if my first post contains a table of contents with each item in the list being a reply underneath, can I make it so that the page jumps to that reply if someone clicks on the link in the first post?
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Fri 20 Jan 2017
at 06:53
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One way is to use a version of the Anchor tag for that functionality.

For your link use:
<a href=#UniqueName>Link_Text_Here</a>

Then farther down the message or in another message on the same page put the target for your link.  [anchor UniqueName]

Worth noting that, at least my remembrance from a bit of testing with it goes, it won't work between pages.

So if you put the link in a post on "page 1" and the destination/target of that link in a post that's on "page 2" of the thread, clicking the link won't take the user to the message unless they have the thread set to display "all" the messages on a single page, but it works well for creating a linked index in the first post of a Notice thread with a handful of messages all on a single page.

EDIT: The above information is incorrect.  I referenced the wrong tag.  Will update with the correct one shortly.

EDIT2: Post updated with correct RUBB code reference.  I think. >.>

The other way is to manually alter the URL of the page that contains the message you're trying to link.

Navigate to the thread you want to link to, and copy the URL, then add a #N where N is the msg number of the message you want to link to.

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Fri 20 Jan 2017
at 07:45
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I was going to post my code here for reference, but I'm not sure if that would violate terms of service (the code is posted in a Group 1 thread).

I basically found that the <a href="{URL}">{TITLE}</a> construct could be used to also direct to links to another page within my game, and seems to work also with offsite resources (such as character sheets I keep on Google Drive).  I also found that I had to explicitly specify the underline tags to underline links as I'm used to seeing.

If I've discovered an exploit (as in "something I shouldn't be doing") in this use of HTML/RuBB Code to point offsite please let me know.

Thanks for putting me on the trail.
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Fri 20 Jan 2017
at 11:41
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In reply to KR4G3N (msg # 6):


If the thread has more than one page, I click all. Then I copy that link into the new post and add a pound sign and the message number to the end. The link will have an ending that looks something like this.


I didn't put the whole link, as it's against the rules to link to games. But if it were the entire address, it would go to message #267 in a particular thread.

I like to link to one message above the one I want. I'm not sure if it's just my screen layout, but when I link directly to a message, it skims off the top line.

This doesn't work if a thread is longer than 1000 posts.