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Mon 30 Jan 2017
at 15:44
New Here!!
Hello, and good morning to some...good afternoon to others.

I just joined this site not to long ago, and I think I'm getting the hang of it. I hope to find lots of people to roleplay with and I just have a blast! I am a pretty chill person, so we won't have any problems!

A bit about me and my roleplaying style:
I have been roleplaying for about seven years now, and I think I'm quite advanced so I would like my partner to be advanced as well! I don't ask for much, except that we have fun and our replies are not days and days apart. I usually only roleplay with males, nothing against females, since I am a female myself,it's just uncomfortable.


^The only genres I do, but all of them need to include romance. Sorry, but no romance, no roleplay. I hope to make lots of friends and just have a great time on here.