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Thu 2 Feb 2017
at 10:08
If you want to role play, contact me!
I'm new to the site but I'm up for role playing :

Historical Fiction (Victorian Era, preferred)

I'm a female and usually play characters of that gender but if you'd prefer I be any other, don't hesitate to ask!
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 Ocoee FL
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Thu 2 Feb 2017
at 13:32
If you want to role play, contact me!
In reply to eiraolwen (msg # 1):

Welcome to the community. We have a lot of fun here.

The rules in this 'Beginners' forum don't allow anyone to discuss a particular game, so we can't suggest a game to you.

You should begin by reading the FAQs (link in the upper right corner) to get a sense of how things work. Then you can check out the 'Wanted-Players' forum where most new games recruit players. You can also post a message yourself in 'Wanted-GMs' to let GMs know what you want to play.

It shouldn't take long to find a game that suits your interests.