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Thu 23 Feb 2017
at 01:39
Greetings, denizens of roleplay online.
I have just joined. Don't have much experience in roleplaying, perhaps just a handful runs in an old gaming clan forum. =)
I would appreciate and respect any suggestions on how to get things rolling. Perhaps an educational course of certain systems, maybe even a one-on-one, a little cautious about huge groups! =)
Anyway, thank you for stopping by and greeting me...*fingers crossed* See you in the field!
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Thu 23 Feb 2017
at 05:17
In reply to NightingalesOath (msg # 1):

Welcome!  Definitely, if you have not already, read the FAQs, policies, and dive the Help about all the whiz-bang capabilities available for running games here.

Just about any system you might be interested in playing can be found here, and there are boards here for discussing Game Systems if you are really wanting that sort of technical discussion.

Are you more interested in playing or GM-img?  If you want to become a Game Master, definitely explore the GM Help before setting up your first game.

If you're interested in particular game settings, check out Wanted = Players and Wanted - GMs to see what's available.

I could go on, but you should get the point by now:  there's a lot of crunchy gaming goodness here - go get you some!
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Thu 23 Feb 2017
at 08:58
To add on to what horus has said, Wanted-GM is great if you are looking to learn, since you can post the system and someone willing to help ya learn can come along and send you an invite to their game.

IMO, the best way to get rolling is to, once you've read the wonderful Help section to orientate yourself, head over to Wanted-Players and find a game that's recruiting for whatever you want to play :)

Best of luck, and may your dice rolls be blessed.
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Fri 24 Feb 2017
at 00:45
Thank you for the warm welcome!
I am just currently looking for a game to play in. It would be neat to find something not too busy with players or even to learn a new system. I posted in looking for GM, hopeful to find somebody to run me through. To be honest, kinda excited! =D