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Sun 26 Feb 2017
at 06:24
A first post - hopefully not the last.
Greetings and Hallucinations,

  Yes, you read that right...figured I'd do something a little different than the norm, but some of you might be old enough to remember that sort of greeting.  :)

I've been here on RPol for the last couple of weeks, largely learning what the site is all about. I've never played-by-post in this fashion before, but in college in the 90's, I ran play-by-mails set in the "BattleTech" "Star Trek" and "GURPS" universes. (Unfortunately, I spent so much time on them, I had to leave college and work for a living...but it was a lot of fun!)  All of that imaginative prose gave me an appreciation for not only gaming but creative writing as well. Something that I hope will serve me well in this forum.

With regards to gaming, I started on "The Fantasy Trip" in the late 70's, and have moved through several dozen systems, both as a player and GM/DM. I've played GURPS, BattleTech, Deadlands (the original), Shadowrun (the original - an oldie but a goodie), 7th Sea, Legend of Five Rings (3rd Edition), Dungeons and Dragons (from AD&D to 3.5 mostly) and a handful of other systems whose names escape this old Grognard's mind.

I've already joined a few games, learning things as I go. (I've never *quite* been the sort of reading the rules cover-to-cover thoroughly, but have read enough to make my way through with few mistakes. RPol's learning curve isn't as steep as I thought it might be and I hope to have a good grasp on things when I begin my first GM setting.

What am I interested in playing? A lot of the games above are what I'd want to get into. I've also been looking for "Star Wars" games using the RE-UP D6 system, and the new "Star Trek Adventures" playtest system (I have the latest version of the playtest rules). I'm also not rules-specific and have joined a handful of "Free-Form" games as well.

I'm not confident enough as yet to try my hand at GMing as yet, but that's coming...more than likely I'll be setting something in the "7th Sea - 1st Edition" universe. (I don't have the 2nd Edition rules as yet) once I feel comfortable enough to work the system. It is a bit of homebrew - largely a major change in the timeline - that drives the engine of the campaign. When I'm more suited, I'll place something in the "Wanted - Players" section.

Looking forward to meeting more of you, and exchanging ideas in the next little while.


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Sun 26 Feb 2017
at 14:24
A first post - hopefully not the last.
Welcome to the site, and we're glad to hear that you're finding your way around without too much trouble.

Happy gaming!  :-)
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Sun 26 Feb 2017
at 14:43
A first post - hopefully not the last.
Hello! *waves furiously*. Welcoooooooooooooooome!
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Sun 26 Feb 2017
at 18:51
A first post - hopefully not the last.
Sounds like you're doing it rightly - getting to know the place for a while is a great first step.

Welcome to the role-playing madness that is RPoL.  May the dice always treat you kindly.