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Wed 8 Mar 2017
at 02:47
Y'ello, people!
I'm new around here, and new to play-by-post roleplaying. I look forward to figuring it out (and having lots of fun once I do).
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Wed 8 Mar 2017
at 04:11
Y'ello, people!
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 I GM a lot
 I wish I could play > GM
Wed 8 Mar 2017
at 04:16
Y'ello, people!
Welcome! Make sure to spend some time with the Help page ;)

It hides a number of pretty cool tricks, especially in the section on RuBB, things that you might not know about simply by looking at the textbox editor.

When you get around to playing, check out "Wanted Players" and find what you'd like to play.

When you get around to running something, try and make sure to check "Wanted  GMs" for any players who might be looking for something along the lines of what you're offering.