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Mon 13 Mar 2017
at 17:23
Hello and question
Hey! Kinda pretty excited to be part of this site!!!

 I do have one question: What is the most common type of roleplay on this site? My friends and I always do script form, which uses asterisks to describe actions (ex. *Jane walks up to Jim* Jane: Hello!) but I don't know if I should use narrative types (ex. I walk up to Jim and say, "Hello"). Do you know which is most common and which to use?
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Mon 13 Mar 2017
at 17:39
Hello and question
I've never seen a script form after nearly ten years on this site.
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Mon 13 Mar 2017
at 18:31
Hello and question
Most common tends to be third person narrative. (The girl walks up to James, and softly says "Hello there!") Although some do use first person. (I stormed up to the man ans punched him, saying "That's for my sister.")
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Mon 13 Mar 2017
at 19:30
Hello and question
Third-person is the most common, but first-person is also often used. Some GMs will also use second-person, but that's kinda rare.

Regardless, welcome to the site!
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Mon 13 Mar 2017
at 20:17
Hello and question
Hello! 8D
Dr. Mindermast
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Tue 14 Mar 2017
at 21:15
Hello and question
That all said, there's nothing stopping you from using a different format in your own games.  Just be clear about how you want people to post, and don't be surprised if some people have a little trouble getting used to it, since that format is unusual here.
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Wed 15 Mar 2017
at 01:16
Hello and question
I didn't see anyone specifically mention it, but all such questions are at the discretion of the GM for each game, which is why thee are no site-wide conventions.
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Wed 15 Mar 2017
at 02:00
Hello and question
What Dr. Mindermast and Gaffer said - just because your preferred format is not common doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't use it.

If you do use a specific script format, it would pay to make sure none of its special characters conflict with HTML or BBCode usage.  (Most of the tags used to format text here at RPoL are HTML).

Welcome to the mix!  Here's hoping the dice always treat you kindly.