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Mon 13 Mar 2017
at 23:10
New to all of this!
Despite living in the 4th largest city in the US, I can't find a TRPG group. So I tried a pbem site without a dice roller. Story time with Mary Sue? No thanks. Then I found an excellent site, excellent built in dice roller, core rules, and easy to use mapmaking tool. Populated by too many kids. Non existent mod support. Roll20? Don't have the time. Last site similar to this one, but last post was 2 months ago. Argh! I would like to do something to fill this void. Can this site help? I'm up for most anything besides romance/erotica. Would love to G.M. here, but the systems I have are older, non-d20 games. I like fantasy, sci-fi, and superheroes the best, and I like games that are 50% roleplaying, 50% combat. HELP!
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Tue 14 Mar 2017
at 03:12
New to all of this!
Welcome home.
You found the right site at last.
We got pretty much everything here and if it's not here then it's in development most likely.
Look around, check the sites, see the Players wanted, Game Masters Wanted and Game Proposals sections. Lots to do, lots to see good base community.
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Tue 14 Mar 2017
at 03:13
New to all of this!
Welcome! 8)
Dr. Mindermast
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Tue 14 Mar 2017
at 21:12
New to all of this!
Welcome to the site!  There are plenty of people here who play older systems, so you shouldn't have a problem there.  The only thing that might be lacking, if it's important to you in the first place, is built-in mapping.  But there are plenty of options for posting maps somewhere else and linking them here, so you should be alright.
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Wed 15 Mar 2017
at 02:10
New to all of this!
Welcome to the best role-playing site I've yet found.

This site doesn't really care what systems you use - that's strictly a GM's business so long as certain niceties about Mature and Adult content are observed.  There are some very old-school GMs and players hereabouts, and a lot who prefer more modern or even Indie games.  It's your call.

Get in the Help System, and do please read the FAQs, especially those concerning proscribed behaviors.  That, and join in Community Chat after you've sat back and read for a while to get the lay of the land.

When you're ready to run a game, you'll find a very adaptable dice roller, easy ways to add external resources to your games, and, all in all, a very powerful and flexible toolkit for the aspiring GM/DM/Referee.

Dig in!