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Sat 13 May 2017
at 17:49
Hi there!
Hey there! The name's Equinox! I'm proud to be a member of this RP site! I do have experience roleplaying, as I'm a member of Warrior Cats Online (WCO), and I hope you all are as friendly to me on here as they are to me on that website!
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Sun 14 May 2017
at 09:57
Hi there!
Wow, I didn't realize Warrior Cats had a RP site. Though at first glance it seems as though it is a single multi-gm campaign of some sort, if so that is quite a bit different from this site.
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 "RALPH" The Wonder Llama
Sun 14 May 2017
at 10:36
Hi there!
Feel free to ask questions and have a look about. We are quite friendly.