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Mon 15 May 2017
at 23:03
Questions for a PbP newbie
Hi all,

I'm excited to get started on the site! I had a couple questions for ya'll about playing.

1. What does RTJ mean? I've seen it on a few forums and advertisements, but I can's seem to find the definition.

2. How effective is the Players looking for GMs forum? I'd like to play in a Shadowrun or maybe a Call of Cthulhu game if I could, but it looks like most of the advertising GMs are going mainly freeform things, which I'm not as interested in at the moment.

3. Does anyone have general tips for getting involved in games? Are there any particular tricks to getting picked up, or is it mostly perseverance?

Thank you all in advance!
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Mon 15 May 2017
at 23:13
Questions for a PbP newbie
RTJ means Request To Join. It's how you submit an application to be accepted into a game. It is done through a 'button' at the top center of a game accepting players. There is usually a thread that describes what a GM is looking for in the request.

Freeform and DnD/Pathfinder are probably the three most popular 'systems' among GMs. Call of Cthulhu and Shadowrun are less frequently advertised, probably at no more than a 1:20 porportion to those other three.

I think the best thing you can do to increase your chance of being selected is to carefully read the Game Information and the RTJ instructions and shape your application to conform to them. In addition, being coopoerative with the GM and congenial in your approach won't hurt.