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Fri 19 May 2017
at 03:23
Hello there, Rpol!
Hi there, it's nice to be here.  I'm a D&D player primarily who hasn't been getting their fill of RPG playing and wants to get in on more PbP action.  D&D 5e's my main system, but I'm steadily learning 3.5 and want to get into Pathfinder.  Hope to have fun here!
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Sat 20 May 2017
at 06:53
Hello there, Rpol!
In reply to Kushina43 (msg # 1):

Greetings, Player One,

You should find plenty to play here.  If you decide to GM, the facilities for that in play here are truly powerful and worth the effort to become familiar with them.

Definitely hit the Help whenever in doubt, and if that doesn't get it done for you, ask for help.  There are lots of folks here who know their way around and aren't shy about helping folks just getting started.

High points in the Help:

Site Policies:  please read this if you don't read anything else in the Help.  There are five topics under this category, and all of them are of great importance to an RPoL user.

Games:  this topic contains the nuts-and-bolts of how to put a game together, and how to play.  It'll help you if you have some familiarity with BBCode (specifically RuBB) and with HTML tags if you decide to GM.  (Psst... it ain't hard to pick up.)

FAQs:  Yup, this is a great place to start, because any question you have might be answered here already.  It shows initiative to research a question before starting a topic for it, and is something well-received around here.

GMs looking for players for an already existing game post in Wanted - Players.

GMs considering a new concept for a game post in Game Proposals, Input and Advice to gauge interest and see if the effort needed to develop the game is worth the doing.