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Thu 8 Jun 2017
at 23:32
Hey !!!!
Hi everyone :) It's been a long time since i Roleplayed and just found this incredible site !!
I'm excited to jump into alot of adventures with you guys!
I've played as a character in D&D games and once as a GM years ago but i'm a little rusty on the advanced stuff so be nice to me :)
I hope this is gonna be fun!
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Sun 11 Jun 2017
at 03:25
Hey !!!!
Welcome! Glad you made it. I'm fairly new here too.
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 Western Wastes
Sun 11 Jun 2017
at 07:46
Hey !!!!
Welcome, both of you, to the madness that is RPoL.

You've made a great start posting here.  Keep that going by giving the Help and FAQs a good look - it will avoid misunderstandings and get you off on the right foot.

If you are looking to play, hit Wanted - Players and look around for that perfect game that's looking for folks just like you.

Playing or Refereeing/GM-ing/Running a Game, look at Wanted - GMs and Game Proposals, Input and Advice.  GMs have special responsibilities here, and these are also covered in the Help and FAQs, and very much worth reading.

GMs here also have a very powerful toolkit to help them realize and organize their creations.  Check it out if you intend to GM.

There's a ton of great stuff here on the other boards, too.  The search tool on the home page will help you find more when you're ready.