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Wed 14 Jun 2017
at 21:59
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So, I've gotten setup with a new account, and figured that this is a solid place to start (granted, I've already started asking questions of a GM about their game, so I might have jumped the gun there...).

I started pen-and-paper gaming way back in highschool, at the onset of D&D 3rd edition. I've played a fairly broad swath of systems, but d20 has been my go to for a long time. I love Shadowrun, and my SO has gotten me playing White Wolf stuff over the years.

My posting rate is pretty regular, unless work gets super busy, then it might taper off a tad.

I've tried out a couple of other PbP boards before, but of the last handful of games I was in, the GM disappeared from one, the players (not all, just most) vanished, and the last one devolved into people arguing over character builds after the game had started. I am really hoping that I see more successes on RPoL, since my home group has had some schedule changes, so we meet very infrequently.

Anyways, thought I would drop by, say "hi", and get some gaming in!
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
at 04:54
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GMs disappearing or abandoning a game without announcement is still a problem here...if you look around enough, you should be able to find some good options, but that particular issue has to do with human nature and the demands of life outside of gaming, and as such, a change of site will likely have little, if any, impact on how often it happens.  I've been through it several times, myself...

And yet, in spite of that, I'm in three games that have been running 4+ years, because I didn't give up with all the other prior attempts that didn't work out (in one of those three games, the GM did disappear...but he knew he was going to be having some problems and set up a co-GM to take over and keep running the game until his eventual return, or until the game had run its course, whichever came first).

And, I've had a couple of games where things got interesting and exciting, and then the GM had to take a hiatus...and, a year or so later, we all got messages from the GM asking if we were game to pick up where we left of those ran for another year and a half until we resolved the game (the others limped along for a while and then died...)

I wish you good fortune on finding a game you like that will stay active.  Can't provide any suggestions...none of the games I'm in use the systems you've referenced...*grin*  (Besides, forum rules don't allow us to pitch games to people have to go to the Wanted: Players forum for that.)
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Sat 17 Jun 2017
at 07:56
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Definitely some good points. Hopefully I can find my way into some long lived games. I do have to say, from what I've seen of the boards so far, I am hopeful.

As far as systems go, well, I'm open to trying stuff that looks interesting. We'll have to see what games come up.