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Wed 28 Jun 2017
at 08:07
Sorta New....
I have loved this site on and off fora number of years, probably close to ten, but I haven't been on here in quite a while. Anything new I need to know?
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Wed 28 Jun 2017
at 12:53
Sorta New....
You were missed - anyone who has ever been here is missed when they leave and welcomed home when they return.
So Welcome Home.
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Wed 28 Jun 2017
at 17:02
Sorta New....
What ShadoPrism said.  Welcome home.

You might look in on the RPoL Development thread - there are some changes coming you may want to read up on, or even participate in (there's a beta site).  A lot of it is geared to making the site more responsive for use with mobile devices.

Again, welcome back.