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Thu 13 Jul 2017
at 03:21
Hello im new
I came here to have some fun im new in the d&d games can someone teach me.
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Thu 13 Jul 2017
at 03:45
Hello im new

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 The Unlucky Gamer
Thu 13 Jul 2017
at 03:57
Hello im new
Welcome to rpol my friend. Stay awhile and listen. ;-)

Wait, if your new in d&d does that mean you are familiar with other rule systems? As rpol allows a good many of them.
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Thu 13 Jul 2017
at 04:07
Hello im new
Welcome to RPoL, Cooldanny41,

If you decide the stars beckon you, or you want to learn other games, you can find them here, too.  Lots to do here, from the new hotness to old-skool-n-busted like me.  Lots of unique to RPoL stuff here, too.

Get to know the place.  Hang out in Community Chat, look around in Game Proposals, Input, and Advice, and other places, too.  Read the Help, the FAQs and the Policies while you are getting settled in - this will save you trouble later.  Learn how to use the Game Search tool.  (I'm still figuring out the fine points, but I've learned that it can find a lot of good stuff if you know how to search with it...)

Above all, have fun, youngster!

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 Ocoee FL
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Thu 13 Jul 2017
at 11:52
Hello im new
Your best bet is probably to post in 'Wanted-GMs' asking for someone to run a game (or tell you about their game, which only a GM can do in that forum, where they will teach you d&d (or whatever system strikes your fancy).

Or you can browse 'Wanted-Players' to find a game that is accepting new players and -- in your RTJ/Request to Join (read the FAQs) -- ask if they're willing to accept someone who will need help with the system, many are.

You can also start to study ahead by searching out various system titles on the internet. There are a lot of play examples and often rules access (at least a quickstart) for various games.

Before you know it, you'll be a noob no longer.

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