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Thu 10 Aug 2017
at 23:11
Hi everyone

Im new to role playing but always wanted to try it out on pen and paper D&D style.

I hope I will find people who are willing to work around with a newbie to rpg and have some fun together.

If someone could link me up with some readable material with rules or tips how to start it would be great.

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Fri 11 Aug 2017
at 00:33
/help/?t=faqs. <----  Link to the help and go down to site policies :)

Also note:  The Help link in the top right of all RPoL screens provides specific assistance with the page you are on.

The link though is key above for rules and just general help.

Here is the link for games that are looking for players:  link to another game

Hope you have fun here :)

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Fri 11 Aug 2017
at 19:50
Thanks for the help :D

now is the time to get my read on
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Fri 11 Aug 2017
at 20:58
Welcome, dariozd,

Absolutely get your read on.  LaurieBear has pointed you in the right direction.  This community has its own unique culture and set of rules - learning those early on will be to your great benefit.

There is so much to see and do here you are bound to find or create the perfect game for you.

Lots of places to get info and advice here, too, so don't be shy.