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Sun 20 Aug 2017
at 19:26
I wanna make friends!
Hello, this site looks amazing and even if I don't understand it completely yet it seems pretty cool. I'd like to make some new friends who are open to showing a beginner around and maybe get to know each other! Thanks!
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Sun 20 Aug 2017
at 19:52
I wanna make friends!
Welcome to RpoL, one of the best PbP websites around.

With a friendly community and loads of games to participate in of all kinds of systems, thou should never be bored.

It's always best to check out the FAQs on this site, located directly in the upper right hand corner if you have specific questions about specific things on this site. The Help option also works in some favor.

On the Main Menu, it's always best to check out the Wanted - Players thread to see if any games spark your interest. From what I've noticed, there are tons of games from free-form to Sandbox to Pathfinder to D&D5e gaming systems.

Wanna join idle conversation? The Community Chat thread from the main menu is the best place to engage in interesting conversations from the community.

We as a whole are always willing to help out to newly registered users so don't be afraid to reach out.

You'll find your calling soon on this site.

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Sun 20 Aug 2017
at 21:47
I wanna make friends!
Well, you're in a good place for it (making friends, that is).  This is a friendly place.

WhiteComic has pointed you correctly.  I would add that before joining any game with Mature or Adult content here, it would pay to read up on the policies concerning these games and how they are managed here.  (Accessible from the FAQs under Site Policies).

You will meet many nice folks here, so don't be too shy.  Knock around and get to know the place a bit, and when questions arise, don't be afraid to ask.

Staying on topic and posting in the proper forum are skills always appreciated here, which is why I suggest getting to know the place.

If you eventually intend to run a game, you've just found the best toolkit to organize and manage a game for play-by-post you are likely to find in this galactic neighborhood.  Definitely check it out if that's a goal for you.

Have fun.  I gotta run.  Duty calls.